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Results of the Graduate Student Paper Competition


I. Mechanics of Solids and Structures Track


Winners of Graduate Student Paper Award

(1) Abishek Kashinath (MIT)

Stable storage of Helium in nanoscale platelets at semicoherent interfaces

(2) Lucas Meza (CalTech)

Fabrication and Deformation of Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Ceramic Nano-Lattices

(3) Tobias Uth (University of Cambridge)

An experimental investigation of the impact of sand slugs against monolithic and sandwich beams


Highhly Commended

(1) Justin Wilkerson (Johns Hopkins University)

(2) Benat Gurrutzaga Lerma (Imperial College London)

(3) Pai Wang (Harvard University)

(4) Stephen Castonguay (University of Texas at Austin)

(5) Tingnan Zhang (Georgia Institute of Technology)

(6) Sicong Shan (Harvard University)

(7) Geoffrey Bomarito (Cornell University)

(8) Banak Kondori (Texas A&M University)

(9) Andrew Barnes (University of Texas at Austin)

(10) Stavros Gaitanaros (University of Texas at Austin)


II. Mechanics in Materials Science track

Winner of Graduate Student Paper Award

Claudio Di Leo (MIT)

Chemo-mechanics of Li-ion intercalation of Silicon-based anodes


Highly Commended

(1) X. Gu (CalTech)

(2) David Argudo (University of Pennsylvania)

(3) Penf Zhang (Rice University)

(4) Erin Wood (University of Vermont)

(5) Bharrat Penmecha (CalTech)

(6) Lion Ben Bashat Bergman (Technion)


III. Biological and soft materials & fluid and thermal systems tracks

Winner of Graduate Student Paper Award

Ivo Dobrev (WPI)

Acousto-mechanical response of the human tympanic membrane measured by high-speed digital holography


Highly Commended

(1) Kevin Shen (CalTech)

(2) Jennet Toyjanova (Brown University)

(3) Ling Li (MIT)

(4) Paul Salipante (Brown University)

(5) Bryan Rolfe (Cornell University)

(6) Debasish Das (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)