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Technical Program


  • The conference program was last updated July 24th, 10pm. A number of schedule changes have been made to accommodate withdrawn papers or scheduling conflicts that have been brought to our attention.


  • Talk lengths: in general the two morning sessions consist of one invited 'keynote' talk that is 30 mins (with questions) followed by three papers that are 20 mins long. The two afternoon sessions consist of four 20 min talks (one or two sessions at the end of the day have five 20 min talks - these will end at 6pm instead of 5:40). Some symposium organizers have made other arrangements - for example the Prager medal symposium has 5 talks per session, each of equal length (no keynotes). Unless you have heard otherwise from your symposium organizers (or are in the Prager medal symposium), please plan for 20 mins with questions for your presentation.


Printable summary schedule, room schedule and map (pdf)