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Conference Tracks and Symposia



SES 50th Anniversary Symposium: Invited Plenary Lectures

Track Chairs: Huajian Gao Kyung-Suk Kim

(program pending)


Awards Symposia

    1. SES Medal Symposium in honor of D.J. Steigmann
    2. Prager Medal Symposium in honor of George Weng: “Micromechanics, Composites and Multifunctional Materials,” (By invitation only)
    3. Eringen Medal Symposium in honor of G. Ravichandran (by invitation only)



Mechanics of Fluids and Thermal Systems

Track Chairs: Kenneth Breuer, Shreyas Mandre, Petia Vlahovska

    1. Computational Mechanics of Biomembranes
    2. Electrohydrodynamics and electrokinetics of fluid systems
    3. Hydrodynamics of Swimming Microorganisms
    4. Complex Fluids: Suspensions, Emulsions, and Gels


Mechanics of Biological and Soft Materials

Track Chairs: Christian Franck, Jay Tang, Anubhav Tripathi

    1. Experimental Nanobiomechanics
    2. Orthopaedic Bioengineering
    3. Mechanics and Physics of Biological Cells
    4. Mechanics of cell sheets, multicellular assemblies and tissues


Mechanics of Solids and Structures

Track Chairs: Allan Bower, Pradeep Guduru

    1. Symposium in honor of Rod Clifton on the occasion of his 75th Birthday (by invitation)
    2. Plasticity at Different Length Scales
    3. Dynamic Behavior of Materials
    4. Instability in Solids and Structures
    5. Mechanics and Dynamics of Periodic Structures
    6. Materials Design and Biomimetic Material Concepts
    7. Discrete Dislocation Plasticity
    8. Mechanics of Thin Films and Multilayered Structures
    9. Soft Materials and Structures
    10. Characterization and Imaging of Structural and Material Imperfections
    11. Engineering Mechanics and Materials in the Oilfield
    12. Computational Materials Design via Multi-scale Modeling
    13. Multiscale Mechanics of Particulate Media
    14. Crack initiation and growth: methods, applications, and challenges.
    15. Advances in nano-composites for thermal and structural applications
    16. Contact Mechanics


Mechanics in Materials Science

Track Chairs: Eric Chason, Sharvan Kumar, Nitin Padture

    1. Synthesis, Characterization, and Modeling of Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials
    2. Lithium ion batteries: When Chemistry meets Mechanics
    3. Mechanics of Phase Transforming and Multifunctional Materials
    4. From Atomistics to Reality: Spanning Scales in Simulations and Experiments
    5. Slip Avalanches in Amorphous Metals
    6. Materials for Extreme Environments: Multiscale Experiments and Simulations
    7. Advancement in Coating Science and Technology


Mechanics Education

Track Chairs: Janet Blume, Karen Haberstroh

Innovations in engineering education will be presented at this symposium. Presentations are invited that focus on K12 educational outreach, college courses at all levels, as well as special summer programs for teachers, undergraduates, and graduate students. Educational programs that have been directed at encouraging and supporting students from underrepresented groups are of particular interest.


Symposium Organizers GUide