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Electrohydrodynamics and electrokinetics of fluid systems

David Saintillan University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
[email protected] 217-333-5118

Aditya Khair Carnegie Mellon University
[email protected]

(Mechanics of Fluids and Thermal Systems)

Recent advances in the areas of micro- and nanofluidics have spurred a renewed interest in the fields of electrohydrodynamics and electrokinetics, which offer unique ways of controlling fluid flows, particle motions, and interface deformations using applied electric fields. In spite of the long history of these two disciplines, many fundamental problems remain open, in particular in the strong field regime where the Debye-Huckel approximation breaks down, in strongly confined environments such as nanofluidic devices and porous materials, and in mobile systems such as suspensions and emulsions where the coupling between the dynamics of the suspended phase and the applied field introduces additional nonlinearities. This mini-symposium aims to bring together engineers, physicists and applied mathematicians working on fundamental problems in electrohydrodynamics and electrokinetics of fluid systems. Topics of interests include, but are not limited to: fundamentals of electrokinetic phenomena, electrokinetics in porous media, electrorheology, droplet and vesicle electrohydrodynamics, suspensions dynamics under electric fields, field-mediated particle assembly, as well as novel applications in biophysics, electrochemistry, and micro/nanofluidics.

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