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From Atomistics to Reality:
Spanning Scales in Simulations and Experiments

Ellad Tadmor University of Minnesota
[email protected] 612-625-6642

Ronald Miller, Carleton University,
[email protected]

Derek Warner, Cornell University,
[email protected]

Mechanics in Materials Science

Atomistic and multiscale simulation methods are designed to predict material behavior from fundamental principles. On the experimental side, dramatic advances have been made in recent years in the ability to measure material behavior on atomistic length and time scales. Making contact between simulation and experiments is important for validating atomistic methods and for gaining insight into experimental observations. This symposium addresses efforts to make atomistic and multiscale simulations predictive, as well as new experiments that can either validate atomistically-based models or be explained by them. We welcome papers on atomistic and multiscale methods (development and simulation results), nanoscale experimentation, and the connections between the two.


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