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Mechanics of Phase Transforming and Multifunctional Materials

Doron Shilo Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
[email protected] 00972 4 8293165

Kaushik Dayal Carnegie Mellon
[email protected]

Liping Liu, Rutgers,
[email protected]

Mechanics in Materials Science

Advanced multifunctional and structural materials that undergo phase transformations are vital technological materials. These include ferroelectrics, ferromagnetics, shape-memory alloys and polymers, liquid crystal elastomers, nanotwinned metals and transformation-induced-plasticity (TRIP) steels. This symposium will provide a forum to present research on the mechanics common to these diverse materials and an opportunity for close interactions among experimental and theoretical researchers.

Topics include, but are not limited to, theory, computation and experiments on:

• Crystallography, structure, and energetics of phase boundaries and phase transformations from atomistic, quantum, and mesoscale models.
• Multiscale characterization techniques based on digital image correlation, IR photography, and diffraction techniques.  
• Quasistatic characterization and response to applied temperature, stress, and magnetic or electric field.
• Dynamic properties of phase-transforming materials and the nucleation and kinetics of phase boundaries.
• Effects of polycrystalline texture and interactions with plasticity, fracture, and other phenomena.
• Advances in numerical and experimental techniques relevant to the modeling of these systems.
• Application of ideas from structural transformations to non-crystalline systems.

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