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Computational Materials Design via Multi-scale Modeling

Yue Qi, General Motors R&D
[email protected]

Louis J. Hector, Jr.,  General Motors R&D
[email protected]

W. A. Curtin, EPFL,
[email protected]

(Mechanics of Solids and Structures)

Today, computational materials science has become an integral part of all materials research and development programs, ranging from traditional structural materials like aluminum and steel, ceramics, polymers, to advanced functional and energy materials. It’s expected to enable us to “discover, manufacture, and deploy advanced materials twice as fast, at a fraction of the cost”. Aligned with Materials Genome Initiative, this symposium seeks successful materials design examples at all length scales guided by computer modeling. The material innovations can come from chemistry, microstructure, processing conditions, manufacturing processes

This symposium will also provide a forum to discuss advanced modeling methods to make experimentally testable predictions and novel experiments to challenge or confirm theoretical predictions.

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