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Mechanics and Dynamics of Periodic Structures

Jinkyu Yang, University of South Carolina
[email protected] Tel: 803 777 0070

Sourav Banerjee, University of South Carolina
[email protected], Tel: 803 777 4596

(Mechanics of Solids and Structures)

This symposium is dedicated to the theoretical, experimental, and/or computational research on the mechanics and dynamics of periodic structures. The scope of this symposium includes, but is not limited to, fundamentals of phonon transport in periodic media, transmission/mitigation of vibrations in discrete structures, and linear/nonlinear wave propagation in cellular/fibrous/granular/layered/porous media. The topics involving new concepts and design of phononic crystals, acoustic meta-materials, functionally graded/hierarchical media, and intelligent/active materials are particularly emphasized. Broad themes of multi-physical and multi-scale mechanics of periodic media across time and length scale are also welcome. This symposium will provide opportunities for researchers to communicate and discuss the state of the art research approaches and potential applications of periodic structures in the mechanical, civil, aerospace, and biomedical fields

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