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Plasticity at different length scales

Yujie Wei Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
[email protected] 86-10-82544169

(Mechanics of Solids and Structures)

The session for “Plasticity at different length scales” is focused on up-to-date plasticity theories, continuum model development for plasticity, and experimental techniques to probe new plastic deformation phenomena or mechanisms. We aim to bring together the international plasticity community to discuss significant advances in plasticity at different length scales, as well as plasticity research for emerging new materials. Topics, by no means to be exclusive, will include (a) continuum modeling on plastic deformation in crystalline materials, especially for low-symmetry metals; (b) theory and experiments on plasticity in metallic glasses; (c) diffusion and chemical reaction induced excessive volumetric plastic deformation; and (d) size effects as a result of plastic deformation mechanisms at small scales.

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