The Nano & Micromechanics Laboratory is part of the Mechanics of Solids and Structures Group in School of Engineering at Brown University. It was established in 1989 as the Micromechanics Laboratory, and started nanomechanics research in 1990. Research and education carried out in this laboratory are associated with the experimental, computational and theoretical study of nanomechanics and micromechanics of materials.




Fabrication/characterization and supercomputing analysis of nano-structures are also carried out with the facilities  of national nanotechnology networks such as NNIN and XSEDE.






News on our recent Nanostructures Research:

 - Ruga Mechanics (1,2)

 - Metal Surfaces reshaping by Ion Bombardment (1,2)
- Nanopipe (1,2), Nanotube (3,4) and Nanoasperity (5,6)               More information at
 - Nanotribology (1,2)                                                                                     Researchers @ Brown

 - SWCNT cutting by Sonication (1,2,3)

Development of freshman laboratory - Bow and Arrow
(ENGN0040 - Dynamics & Vibrations)

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Seminars & Workshops

04/17/14 Hsiao-Mei Wu has finished final PhD defense with her thesis "Collective Behavior at Interface of Lithium Ion Batteries Under Cyclic Lithiation." 

04/15/14 Chien-Kai Wang has finished final PhD defense with his thesis "Grain Boundary Field Projection Method and Atomic Lattice Interferometer for Nanometrology."

04/15/14 Quanzhou Yao has joined our lab as a Tsien Elite Program visiting student from Tsinghua University in China. 

03/21/14 Professor Kim gave the Nowinski Distinguished Lecture at the University of Delaware.

Jan. ¡V Apr./14 Three prominent scientists visited from Seoul Korea for research collaborations.

Sep. ¡V Nov./14 Professor Kim spent his sabbatical at Northwestern University as Simpson Visiting Faculty Fellow.  

09/12/13 Congratulations! Former PhD student, Prof. Ashraf Bastawros of Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State University has received a Medallion Award and was named Wilson Engineering Professor - from the Grace Miller Wilson and T. Wilson Endowed Engineering Faculty Fund at Iowa State University (link).

07/29/13 Professor Kim was invited to give a talk on ¡§Ruga Mechanics and Ruga-Phase Diagrams,¡¨ the symposium in honor of Prof. Rod Clifton on the occasion of his 75th Birthday in SES 50th Annual Technical Meeting.

06/05-07/13  Professor Kim gave a talk ¡§Surface Instabilities of neo-Hookean solids and Ruga Mechanics,¡¨ at the International Symposium on New Horizons in Materials Mechanics in celebration of the 70th birthday of Professor Viggo Tvergaard, at Lyngby, Denmark.

03/22/13 Dr. Mazen Diab presented a talk on ¡§Folds and Crease from Wrinkles¡¨ in the Focus Session: Wrinkling of the APS March Meeting, held by American Physical Society at Baltimore, Maryland.

01/08/13 Professor Kim gave a plenary talk on ¡§Bio-Mimicking of Extreme-Property Hybrid Structures: Ruga Mechanics¡¨ in the International Symposium on Nature-inspired Technology 2013 (ISNIT 2013), at Gangwon-do, Korea.


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Lab Activity

Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series
Simpson Visiting Faculty Fellow Lecture

Search for New Multi-functional Materials with Ruga Mechanics and AFM Interferometery

Kyung-Suk Kim 

October 7, 2013, Evanston, IL

J. L. Nowinski Distinguished Lecture

   Past Nowinski Lecturers

Ruga Mechanics of Nanostructures for Multifunctional Flexible Composites

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  March 21, 2014, Newark, DE

Symposium on New Developments in Defects Mechanics (NSF Workshop)
in honor of Professor Michael Ortiz¡¦s 60th birthday

Dislocation Emission at Grain Boundaries Studied by Nonlinear Field Projection

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  January 18-19, 2014, La Jolla, CA

♦ Plenary Talk at DGIST Global Innovation Festival

Science and Technology in New Bridging Era: Engineering of Self-organizing Emergence

Kyung-Suk Kim


  November 21-22, 2013, Dae-Gu, Korea

2013 Sigma Xi Monie A. Ferst Award Symposium Current Challenges in Mechanics of Materials Research

Role of Interferometry in Mechanics: from Optical to Atomic Lattice Interferometry

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  October 25, 2013, Atlanta, GA

Aero Space Engineering Seminar Series

Search for New Multi-functional Materials with Ruga Mechanics

Kyung-Suk Kim 


  September 19, 2013, Ames, IA

Mazen Diab and Kyung-Suk Kim, ¡§Ruga-formation instabilities of a graded stiffness boundary layer in a neo-Hookean solid,¡¨ Proceedings of the Royal Society A, accepted, Apr 2014.

Sk. F. Ahmed, So Nagashima, Ji Yeong Lee, Kwang-Ryeol Lee, Kyung-Suk Kim and Myoung-Woon Moon, ¡§Self-assembled folding of a biaxially compressed film on a compliant substrate,¡¨ Carbon, in press, Apr 2014.

E. Bar-Kochba, E. Andrews, K.-S. Kim and C. Franck, ¡§A fast iterative digital volume correlation algorithm for large deformations,¡¨ Experimental Mechanics, accepted, Feb 2014.

Teng Zhang, Zuoqi Zhang, Kyung-Suk Kim and Huajian Gao, ¡§An accordion model integrating self-cleaning, strong attachment and easy detachment functionalities of gecko adhesion,¡¨ Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, vol. 28 (3-4), pp.226-239, 2014.

Mazen Diab, Teng Zhang, Ruike Zhao, Huajian Gao and Kyung-Suk Kim, ¡§Ruga mechanics of creasing: from instantaneous to setback creases,¡¨ Proceedings of the Royal Society A, vol 469(2167), pp. 1-17, Sep 2013.

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