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Student Invitations


Up to ten students will be invited to participate in the workshop with the registration fee waived.

To receive an invitation to the workshop, students must be currently matriculating at an accredited institution of higher learning (undergrad through PhD programs) and will present an academic poster (see below for poster session details).

We set no limits regarding academic major and ask only that the workshop will be relevant to your academic growth. 

Visiting Student Lodging Support

Funding for local lodging of visiting students will be reimbursed by the NASA Rhode Island Space Grant Consortia. Funding for lodging is only available to US citizen students traveling from out of state who require overnight accommodations.

Lodging support covers one overnight hotel accommodation, up to two local meals (in addition to meals provided during the workshop) and reimbursement for parking the day of the meeting.

We will provide a student registration form via email which will request lodging estimates and we will commit to funding based on these estimates up to the limit of the federal reimbursement rate for Providence, RI.

Student invitations and offers of lodging support are first come first serve.

Visiting Student Academic Poster Session

Invited students will present a lunchtime academic poster in the Chancellor's Dining Room on a topic of interest related to space technology or mission application (not necessarily specific to the topic of microrovers).

Prior to the first workshop session on Feb 16th, student presenters unfamiliar with the Brown University campus will gather in the Barus and Holley lobby at 7:15 a.m. and as a group we will progress to the Chancellor's Dining Room for poster setup starting no later than 7:30 a.m.

We will provide tripod easels and foam core mounting panels in standard sizes (adjustable to 2x3, 3x3 and 3x4 feet). You may mount any non-standard size as long as you bring your own mounting board.

We will supply poster attachment clips. If you prefer an alternate attachment method, please feel free to bring your own. (Note: Tape is not normally an option. Removing some varieties can delaminate the poster board).

Posters must be removed from the dining room at the end of the lunchtime poster session.

Visiting Student Registration Process

If you are a student interested in attending the workshop, please ask a faculty member in a related field (physics, thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, etc.) to send us a brief email recommendation.

Please see the contact page for where your professor should send an email recommendation.

If you wish to request lodging funding support, please also have your professor confirm your US citizenship. (Without US citizenship we are able to wave the registration fee, but we are not authorized to offer lodging funding.)

To facilitate the widest representation we will invite no more than two students from the same college or university.

In the event that more than ten student recommendations arrive, we will process these in the order they are received. 

Once we decide to invite you, we will email a registration form to complete, sign and send back to us. The registration form will request basic contact information and provides space for you to estimate local lodging expenses. If we have any concerns with any information on your registration form we will contact you.

Upon approval your registration we will send an official confirmation including any lodging commitments based your travel estimate and federal limits.

For questions or concerns about any aspect of student invitations, lodging, or registration please contact us.

Registration Deadline

There is no specific student registration deadline. However, we have only ten sponsored slots and early registration will improve your odds. Also, our travel support rate is governed by federal reimbursement limits, and making early travel arrangements will increase the likelihood that we can fully cover the cost of your room.

Lodging Reimbursement Process

With our confirmation email package we will send you a reimbursement form where you will list actual expenses and attach original receipts to a printed copy of this form. The form with receipts can be handed to us before leaving the workshop or posted to the ground mailing address shown on the form.

As long as actual expenses do not exceed the original approved estimate, we will pay the full amount.

Carreer Disscussions

Workshop organizers recognize the potential for employment discussions, internship interviews, and other career and academic growth opportunities resulting from the workshop setting. We are supporting this formally in several ways:
Students involved recruiting need not register or participate in other workshop events. Representatives from recruiting organizations must be paid participants of the workshop.

If you are a student interested in aerospace engineering or space exploration or represent an organization recruiting in these fields, please contact us and we will keep you informed of recruiting opportunities.