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There is a fantastic mask expert in the theater department. I unfortunately cannot remember his name, but he has devoted his life to the subject, and frequently travels to Indonesia for his research. His office is so full of masks its almost eery! I distinctly remember him talking to our theater class and saying: Masks are fascinating because they are inert yet they make our bodies become alive when we wear them. Hope this is helpful, Alexandra.

sarah baker It's Professor John Emigh. I'm sure he would love to discuss masks with you; hewould be an expert resource for research!

Posted at Oct 07/2008 11:22PM:
chris witmore: Hi Ana, John Emigh will have some nice angles on issues of masks and performance. His work deals with masked performance, as Alexandra points out, in Indonesia and beyond. Wonderful connection Alexandra and Sarah.

Posted at Oct 16/2008 06:55PM:
Emma Whitford: How about masks in horror movies? In Scream and Freddy vs. Jason the mask is the single defining feature of the monster.

Posted at Oct 19/2008 09:27PM:
carly: Not sure if you want to take it in this direction, but masks can also have a utility. There are masks that are used by scuba divers and masks that help breathing, and masks that protect you from inhalation of harmful particulate matter in the air. it would be interesting to keep your psychological perspective and look at how masks may add to the 'professionalism' of a person, such as a doctor going into the operating room who must put on their mask- does it serve as more than a means of sterilization?

Alexandra: Do you the 'Big Nazo' puppet and mask troupe in Providence? They're excentric and you could probably learn a lot from their members, who have toured the world showcasing their art. Also, I was thinking about the SARS scare, when many people began wearing protective white masks covering their mouth and nose. One picture went around the world -- a bride and groom kissing with their masks on. I don't know if you want to focus on this aspect of masks, but it could add another angle.

the mask project proposal

Introduction: Mask as the Ultimate Mediator

Conceal versus Create




Conclusions for The Mask

The Mask: Works Cited

Posted at Dec 22/2008 10:10AM:
chris witmore: Great work Ana. This is a rich project. I especially appreciated your emphasis of the mask as mediator. The parallel studies of Holloween and Theater are an effective juxtaposition.