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The Umbrella (Dean M.)

The Chair (Alexander S. G.)

The Mirror (Ariel S.)

rubbish paths (Mark G.)

The Bicycle (Carly S.)

Making Skyscrapers Move (Sarah B.)

The Voodoo Doll (Alexandra U.)

The Pointe Shoe (Caroline K.)

The Game of Chess (Allan S.) Document IconGuide to Chess.pdf

Graeco-Egyptian Uterine Amulets (Kate M.)

The Fork (Sara P.)

The Providence Phoenix (Emma W.)

The Football (Quinn S. & Harrison S.)

Beer (Jesse E.)

Book (Ben W. & Lindsay B.)

The Magnifying Glass (Rebecca K.)

The Bomb (Gareth S.)

The Wheelchair (Gordon S.)

The Key (Tiana H.)

The Door Knocker (Zachary M.)

The Tommy Gun (William B.)

The Neolithic site of Taosi, Shanxi (Thomas L.)

The Mask (Ana E.)

The Stop Sign (Patrick P.)

The Catapult (Willie F.)

The Satellite (Steve P.)

The Game Controller (Jeffrey P.)