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By Willie Fix

Catapult Proposal

Catapult Sources

(Note: because the term “catapult” in fact refers to the broad group of non-gunpowder siege engines, including the Onager, the Magonel, the Ballista among others, I have chosen to focus my project on the most advanced form of catapult, the Trebuchet)

Introduction: The Relevance of the Trebuchet

Part One: Siege Machine

Part Two: Impact

Part Three: Breaking Down Barriers

Conclusion: Globalization through Conflict

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Posted at Oct 07/2008 11:42PM:
chris witmore: Hi Willie. I know there to be a book called: Catapult: A History. However, I can't resist one which is on how to build your own. And it begins with Greek Ballistae: [link]

Posted at Dec 22/2008 10:29AM:
chris witmore: Hi Willie. Great work. Your emphasis on the trebuchet as a multicultural achievement is lovely.