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Posted at Oct 02/2008 05:13PM:
chris witmore: Hi Caroline, We have already discussed the line on proprioception. Perhaps you might also enjoy a recent piece by Tim Ingold, 2004: Culture on the ground: The World perceived through the feet, The Journal of Material Culture. 9(3), 315-40.

- patpaul: All I know about pointe shoes is when a friend showed me how she can stand on pointe (she's a ballet dancer) and I was uncomfortable because it looked so painful. Looking at the shoes by themselves doesn't elicit any response, but seeing them in action does. That ties into the 'person alone' versus 'person with thing' motif.

Posted at Oct 25/2008 11:53AM:
caroline: My mom brought me a huge selection of pointe shoes from home! They are from a variety of brands, so I can look at how different types of shoes are constructed. They are also in various states of wear; some are brand new and some are pretty mushy. I'm going to work on deconstructing them soon and I'll put up some pictures when I get a chance.

Posted at Oct 26/2008 06:51PM:
Alexandra.ulmer: Are pointe shoes for male dancers made differently? Are there different types depending on age?

The paradox between their aura of elegance and the pain they create could be interesting to examine too.

Posted at Oct 26/2008 08:58PM:
Emma Whitford: My sister is a ballet dancer, and she has a signed pair of pointe shoes from a retired famous dancer. It is interesting how things of little value increase in value through wear and tear by an acknowledged owner. The thing becomes a symbol of success, of a goal achieved.

Posted at Oct 26/2008 11:45PM:
Ana Escobedo: I used to dance a long time ago and I remember one of my teachers who could barely dance anymore because of the effects of wearing point shoes for years on end. I gues what I am suggesting is that you also look at the way a pointe shoe can harm as well as help.

Posted at Oct 28/2008 12:59AM:
Lindsay: I see a connection between your project and Harry and Quinn's, the football. Both things are related to the foot, yet our culture is very centered around hands. Maybe you three will have some ideas to bounce around.

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