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Some food for thought:

Also feel free to pose your own questions or address any of the issues I bring up in the content of this project

Posted at Oct 06/2008 09:36PM:
chris witmore: Hi Tiana, I mentioned Bruno Latour's The Berlin Key [link].

Posted at Nov 10/2008 04:37PM:
Ben Winkler: i think what is really fascinating, at least in contemporary american culture, is the idea of key duplication: that is, the creation of an identical thing. the idea of facilitated thing duplication (rather than initial mass production) seems unique to this project. how does key duplication affect the nature and relationships of the key? what about 'do no duplicate'?

Posted at Nov 10/2008 04:39PM:
Ben Winkler: i also love the idea of the power dynamic inherent in keys. how does possesion of key(s) alter the perception/importance of an individual? is there an inherent sense of privilege or ownership involved in possesing keys? how does this affect relations between those with keys and those without?

Posted at Nov 14/2008 02:50PM:
Alexandra Ulmer: Yesterday, my friend was wearing an enormous brass key around her neck as jewelry. Why do people choose to turn a practical thing into design? Does it give off a sense of success (i.e.: being able to unlock, solve anything) or is it purely aesthetic?

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