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The football affects us all in profound ways. Whether it is by helping to develop new reflexes or muscle memory while we play with it, by changing our perceptions of controllable space while we play without it, or by simply alleviating stress as a past-time. Football can be seen as a hobby, a sport, an obsession. But we know football to be more than this. It is, because of its unique nature as an activity of the feet, an act of rebellion, of liberation, and of declarative identification. Although it is difficult to see in the United States, football is the true esperanta - a language that the entire world speaks. And through this language, if we listen carefully, we can hear a dialogue - a dialogue of national identity, egalitarian ideas, and of personal liberation. Football is the ultimate example of symmetry - it could not exist without the culture that it is situated in, and the culture within which it is played could not exist without football. In many ways, the history of football is the history of the modern world. No written history of the world is complete without a history of the football. So please, pick up a ball and pass it someone else, for if you do, you are already engaging in the world's most popular phenomenon. By engaging, we can begin to understand it, and in understanding it, we are one step closer to understanding the world we live in.

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- Harrison & Quinn

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