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Ian Straughn

Islamic Archaeology

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Five reading responses of 1-2 pages throughout the quarter.

These will be reactions a particular set of readings for a class periodwhich each student will post on the Wiki page devoted to these response. They will need to be posted by midnight on the day before class. Please email me a message that you have done a posting so that I can look at it prior to class. Be prepared to discuss your postings during that class. These responses can take a variety of forms: a close reading of a particular passage, a critique of a particular argument, or a collection of related ideas that emerged from the readings. I am more interested in seeing that you are thinking and analyzing the texts than in reading beautiful prose (though to accomplish both is certainly a plus). The point is for you all to generate and express ideas, complete sentences and paragraphs with point sentences can certainly help in this. These do not have to be in the form of an argument.

Each response will be graded on a scale of 0-4:

0 = blank paper
1 = unacceptable, rewrite mandatory, failed to discuss the readings
2 = optional rewrite but acceptable, lacking any close attention to the readings
3 = clear engagement with the materials but a rushed job
4 = well crafted with carefully considered (though possibly faulty) ideas
(5) This grade which carries extra credit will be given to exceptional work that makes interesting connections with past readings and shows flashes of creativity

My expectation is that the vast majority of your responses will fall into categories 4 and 5 if you have done the reading well and spend 30 minutes to and hour composing some ideas.

Email your responses to me directly and I will then post them to the pages below under the respective week:

Week 2: Arabia Emerges

Week 3: Elements of an Arab Ethnicity - Reading Responses
Week 3 cont.: South Arabia Film reading responses

Week 4: Arabian Economy

Week 5: Religion in Arabia

Week 6: Arabs, Empires and Archaeology

Week 7: Prelude to Islam - Reading Responses

Week 8: An Urban Society for Arabia - Reading Responses

Week 9: NO CLASSES – Spring Recess

Week 10: Who are the Arabs now?: Settlement in the Conquered Lands - Reading Responses

Week 11: Ritual practice and materiality of the Hajj - Reading Responses

Week 12: Arabia rediscovered - Reading Responses

Week 13: Encounters with the Arabs

Week 14: Materiality and Ethnic Identity