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Posted at Feb 21/2007 12:57PM:
Elly: Tribal Humanism is a concept put forth by Ibn Khaldûn as essential to the desert/nomadic/bedouin way of life. It is a belief in the authority and validity of the individual and all the individuals in a group that give the group is worth and honor. With such a belief in the excellence of the members of the group, the actions and practice of the individual are led to constantly defend the honor of the group. It is tied up with the 'assabiyya (group feeling) of the group, since this belief provides some of the cohesion necessary for such solidarity.

Posted at Mar 06/2007 01:56PM:
ian: Compare this to the modenr conception of a secular humanism in which stress is put on the power of human reason to be the source for all knowledge. What is in common is the move away from the divine as either the source of knowledge or as the source for understanding one's place in the world.