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Ian Straughn

Islamic Archaeology

Archaeology and Religion

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Posted at Mar 17/2007 10:44PM:
Reem: Located on the incense trade root, Tayma was an Oasis in the northeast of Hijaz ruled by the Jewish dynasty, which was then occupied by the Muslims in the 630s. Archaeological excavations in the area showed phases of occupation from the late Bronze Age till the Islamic period. Tayma was a major trade city and a stopping place for the camel caravans traveling in the Arabian Peninsula. Many Aramaic inscriptions carved on stones were found in the city.

Posted at Mar 19/2007 09:29AM:
ian: Recall that in the Babylonian period it in fact served as the seat of pwer for the emperor Nabonidus. Could this then be a demonstration of how important Arabia had become to these empires of the late Iron Age Near East?