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Islamic Archaeology

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Posted at Feb 21/2007 12:56PM:
Elly: 'Assabiyya is a concept put forth by Ibn Khaldûn as essential to the desert/nomadic/bedouin way of life. It is group solidarity, group feeling, group consciousness. 'Assabiyya is what holds a group or clan together, and it is most prominent in bedouin clan groups, and is lost to some degree in the opposite pole in Khaldûn's cyclical history of societal change, the state. With this loss in group solidarity comes the collapse of the group

Posted at Mar 06/2007 01:38PM:
ian: This concept demonstrates that even with Muslim thinkers there was a tension between nomadic life of bedouin and the settled live of city dewllers and agriculturalists. Why is that tension importnat for thinking about the Arabs, their history and their cohession as a social group.