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Posted at Feb 23/2007 10:46AM:
Zoe: The dhow is the primary type of boat used by the Arabs. Seafaring was an important economic activity as early as Dilmun, carrying agricultural produce, ceramics, goods, people, and slaves. The Dhow is lateen-rigged, meaning that the sale is shaped like a long triangle (as compared to a Mediterranean square-rig). {Take a look at for a picture.} The boats were held together in antiquity by cord rope, and the style most likely goes back to ~1000 BCE in India. These were not open ocean vessels; they hugged the coast as they sailed the Red Sea and circumnavigated the Arabian Peninsula up the Persian Gulf.

Posted at Mar 06/2007 01:47PM:
ian: A major factor for the development of Arabia's connections with the outside world. how might we compare this with say the technology of the camel?