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Islamic Archaeology

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Posted at Mar 11/2007 11:27PM:

Zenobia Also known as “ warrior queen”. She is a 3rd century Queen of Palmyra and second wife of king Septimius Odaenathus from a Syrian father and an Egyptian mother. After the assassination of her husband and son, she controlled Palmyra on behalf of her younger son. She fought against the Roman Empire and invaded many of the Roman Easter provinces. She established an independent empire from Egypt to the Bosphorus, which was then brought under the domination of the Roman emperor Aurelian. It is believed that she was not executed; on the other hand she married a Roman governor or Senator and lived happily ever after.

Posted at Mar 12/2007 11:02AM:
ian: What can she tell us about the general relationship between Arab politcal entities and the empires whith which they were in contact? How does the experience of the Palmyrans differ from that of the Nabateans of Petra? Can we talk of the various Arab groups as fiercely independent or willing to accomodate subordination under others rule?