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Rocky Point Amusement Park, Warwick RI
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Assignment 1. What is...? Short (3-5 page) paper on defining some fundamental terms in archaeological thinking and working: archive, site, map, fieldwork, artifact, museum, thing, figurine, text, etc. It is suggested that you start with the simplest form of a question such as "What is an archive," "what is a map" and so on, and explore in depth the conceptual baggage that such terms come with. The use of visual media welcome. Due: February 14. to be posted on the wiki.

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Assignment 2. Industrial Ruins of Providence: an ethnography of place: In the next several weeks, we will be collaboratively exploring the industrial ruins of Providence as archaeological sites. This will give us first hand experience of exploring places with rich material histories, and the urban stories that are associated with them. These places include an abandoned bridge on Seakonk river and an abandoned amusement park.

Research Projects

Final Paper Proposals due April 4, 2008 to be posted by 5 pm.