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Week 2: January 31: Archaeology and theories of the past: a difficult relationship

Week 3: February 7. Archaeology and modernity: Colonialism, nationalism and the presence of the past

Week 4: February 14. A meaningful world: cultural geography and culture-history

Week 5: February 21. Scientists in the field: Processual (New!) archaeologies

Week 6: February 28. Frogs round the pond: Mediterranean landscapes, Annales school and landscape archaeology

Week 7: March 6. Edge of the trovel: Postprocessual archaeologies

Week 8: March 13. Boys will be boys: issues of gender and sexuality

Week 9: March 20. Magic craftsmen and the enchanted object: technology agency and material culture studies

Week 10: April 3. Place, space, landscape: phenomenology of the body in this world

Week 11: April 10. Improvising theory, performing the site: Fieldwork experiments and archaeological ethnographies

Week 12: April 24. Politics of cultural heritage: archaeological practice and ethics