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Course Requirements

Students are expected to do the weekly readings and participate in the seminar discussions. Participation, active involvement in the discussions, developing good note-taking habits as well as the contribution to the wiki are the most vital aspects of this course. A course wiki is created for the course to be used for discussions, posting of readings, announcements, assignments, and the like. Every student will have access to editing the wiki. Please familiarize yourself with the wiki, and make sure to check the site regularly, at least before each class meeting.

Response papers: For 5 weeks of the semester (Weeks 2-6), following each seminar discussion, you will be asked to write short response papers and post them on the wiki. It is suggested that every member of the class focuses on one aspect of the week’s discussion that is critical to him/her, and provide a commentary. Your responses should be approximately 500 words (about a page- single spaced). Feel free to use images too. You are especially encouraged to read others writings and comment.

Short paper assignment: This is a 6-8 page paper assignment that will come out of the ideas you will have accumulated in your response papers. It does not involve new research but expected to be a crystallization of your response papers into a chunkier piece of writing addressing issues discussed in class in greater depth. (Due March 26 Friday, 5 pm hard copy)

Class presentations: we will have weekly presentations of particular bodies of archaeological evidence, sites or particular readings. You will be asked to sign up for them on your own on the wiki in the beginning of the semester. Look for topics marked as "Presentation" in the Weekly Schedule page and put your name on at least one.

Research project: Every student will choose a related research topic in collaboration with Ömür and turn it into a final project. Collaborations with others in the seminar are always encouraged. The project should involve the theoretical concepts/issues relating to architecture, body and performance and its application to an archaeological case study, relevant to our seminar discussions. The research project’s presentations will include a 15-20 min class presentation of the project, a 8-12 page draft (to be submitted on the day of the presentation) and a 20-25 page final paper (due May 17th, 5 pm hard copy).