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Week 1: Feb 1. Introduction: overview of the course.

Week 2: Feb 8. Body and its performances in recent critical theory and archaeology

Week 3. Feb 15. Body, image and knowledge: rock art and shamanistic performance
Göbeklitepe and Nevalı Çori: early Neolithic sites in Southeastern Turkey.

Bodies: animal and human

Göbeklitepe and Nevalı Çori: spaces of Neolithic performance (Presentation- Emanuela)

February 22 Long-weekend. No class

Week 4. March 1. Performance and performativity: towards an understanding of performed and embodied spaces, subjects, societies.
Çatalhöyük houses: social memory and everyday performance.

What is performance?

Çatalhöyük: architecture and everyday life (Presentation - Yagmur)

For all to read:

Yagmur's presentation:

Week 5. March 8. A performative theory for prehistoric figurines

Beyond the goddess: Figurine studies and the Neolithic

Çatalhöyük figurine project (Presentation)Andrew

Visit Figurines project website.

Week 6. March 15. Royal tombs of Ur: Death rituals, bodily violence and burying the dead: transformed bodies

Body, violence, power

Royal tombs of Ur (Presentation- Yeshi)

Week 7. March 22. Embodied subjectivities: Constructions of gender and sexuality

Sexing the body

Naram Sin and the aspects of masculinity (Presentation)

Friday March 26, 5 pm. Short Paper Assignment due

March 27-April 4 Spring break

Week 8. April 5. The polemically trans-gendered and the hyper-sexual body in Mesopotamia

Nudity, sex and the Old Babylonian terracotta plaques

Lamentation priests

Terracotta plaques (Presentation) Michelle

Week 9. April 12. Ömür is out of town- no class

Week 10. April 19. Performing gender, performing sex: The debate over the Sacred Marriage ritual

Gender performance

Early Mesopotamian “sacred marriage” ritual (Presentation-Amanda)

Week 11. April 26. Body, movement and landscape: phenomenology of the “lived body” in the place-world

Moving bodies in the landscape

Border Steles and Rock reliefs in the Ancient Near East (Marianna)

Week 12 May 3. Presentations of research projects

Research paper drafts due

Week. 13. May 10. Archaeological fieldwork as bodily performance

Final papers due: May 17th, by 5 pm. Hard copy in Ömür’s mailbox.