Rapport fait par Toussaint Louverture, Général en Chef de l'Armée de Saint-Domingue, au Directoire exécutif.


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Rapport fait par Toussaint Louverture

Author: Toussaint Louverture, 1743?-1803

Place of Publication: [Cap-Français, i.e. Cap-Haïtien]
Publisher: [Pierre Roux, Imp.]

Publication Date: [1798]
Physical Description: 20 p. ; 26 cm. (4to)

By March 1798, Toussaint Louverture's army had conquered most of British occupied Saint Domingue in the west and Toussaint had entered into negotiations to evacuate British citizens with General Maitland, commander of the British troops on the island. André Rigaud's army had conquered the south near Jérémie. As a representative of the French Directory, Gabriel-Marie-Théodore-Joseph d'Hédouville arrived in the colony on March 28, 1798. His mission was to enforce French laws, to assert the laws of the French Directory, and to prevent brutality against the blacks. Hédouville played Rigaud against Toussaint and effectively undermined Toussaint's authority. In this pamphlet Toussaint expresses his hostility to the agents of the Directoire, especially Hédouville, sent to govern Saint-Domingue. The book is dated on p. 20: Cap, le 22 brumaire, l'an septiéme [Oct. 12, 1798]