Hearings Timeline

May 5-8: Opening statements, Secord

May 11-14, 19: McFarlane, Sigur, Owen

May 20-21, 27-28: Calero, Rodriguez et al.

  • Opening statement by Calero
  • Calero on arms payments
  • Calero on Reagan, Casey
  • Rodriguez on Bush meeting
  • Rodriguez on Bush meeting2

May 29: Castillo

June 2-5, 8-9: Abrams, Hakim, Hall et al.

  • Abrams on “monitor[ing] Ollie”
  • Abrams on soliciting Brunei
  • Abrams arguing with Rep. Brooks
  • Abrams and Sen. Nunn on how to operate government
  • Abrams and Sen. Inouye on being “immoral”
  • Hakim on “B. Button” and North’s death insurance
  • Hakim on his “love” for North
  • Hakim on North and the hostages
  • Hakim on North’s use of Reagan’s name
  • Hakim on war with Russia
  • Hakim told by Sen. Inouye of the “drastically wrong” situation
  • Hall on Swiss bank account number
  • Hall on altering documents
  • Hall on hiding documents under her clothes
  • Hall talks to Sen. Boren about shredding
  • Hall talks to Rep. Foley about going “above the written law”

June 23-25: Robinette et al.

July 7-10, 13-14 North

  • North being “here to tell it all”    
  • North on shredding  
  • North on more shredding    
  • North on the signed arms-for-hostages Finding
  • North on countries who wanted to donate  
  • North on Reagan’s knowledge of private fundraising  
  • North on the “neat idea” of the Diversion  
  • North on his family’s safety  
  • North on Casey’s knowledge    
  • North on who in the Cabinet knew what    
  • North on the democratic process and “difference between lives and lies”
  • North on why he’s not lying now    
  • North on getting fired and covering up the Diversion
  • North on shredding embarrassing documents    
  • North’s lawyer objecting to “dreamland” scenarios  
  • North on Reagan’s “body and soul” request  
  • North on plausible deniability   
  • Sen. Hatch on covert operations    
  • Sen. Rudman on what the people want  
  • North’s final statement  
  • Rep. Hamilton on patriotism  
  • Sen. Inouye on military ethics and the Nuremberg Trials   

July 15-17, 20-21: Poindexter

  • Poindexter on destroying the Finding  
  • Poindexter on Reagan’s knowledge of selling arms to Iran    
  • Poindexter on keeping Reagan unaware   
  • Poindexter on Boland’s application to NSC    
  • Poindexter on what Reagan approved    
  • Poindexter on Reagan’s knowledge of North’s activities  
  • Poindexter “not recall[ing]” anything    
  • Sen. Trible asking Poindexter about the Naval honor code    
  • Rep. Hamilton on where the “buck stops”    

July 23-24, 28-29: Shultz and Meese

  • Shultz on opposing arms for hostages    
    Shultz on Reagan’s insistence on hostage recovery    
    Shultz on advisers misleading Reagan    
  • Shultz on Reagan’s response to press conference  
  • Shultz on Casey’s power grab    
  • Sen. Mitchell asks Shultz whether Reagan kept him out of loop    
  • Rep. DeWine asks Shultz why he kept himself unaware    
  • Meese statement on internal investigation  
  • Meese on what Poindexter and the White House knew  
  • Meese on Boland’s applicability to the NSC    
  • Sen. Rudman asks Meese why Reagan did not talk to Poindexter or North    
  • Sen. Mitchell asks Meese about not taking notes (4 pages)
  • Sen. Mitchell asks Meese about not securing documents  
  • Sen. Nunn asks Meese about his gathering of information   

July 30-31, August 3: Regan, Weinberger, closing statements

  • Regan on “oil drilling” as cover story  
  • Regan on Reagan’s lack of knowledge    
  • Regan on Reagan’s immunity decisions    
  • Sen. Nunn questions Regan on wanting neither side to win Iran-Iraq War    
  • Weinberger on not dealing with Iranian moderates    
  • Weinberger on Iranian relationship    
  • Sen. Nunn questions Weinberger on lack of Cabinet communication    
  • Closing statement by Rep. Cheney    
  • Closing statement by Sen. Rudman  
  • Closing statement by Rep. Hamilton    
  • Closing statement by Sen. Inouye   

August 4-6: Clarridge and George