All documents were kindly provided by the Digital National Security Archive.

Document #Document NameFormatAdditional Information
1Somoza's DepartureSecret, Cable, 183243, July 14, 1979, 4 pp.Cable from President Carter to with letter for soon-to-be-former Nicaraguan President Somoza.
2Suggestion for Bolstering Moderate InfluenceSecret, Cable, 03082, July 15, 1979, 1 pp.Cable from the ambassador in Costa Rica to the ambassador in Nicaragua and the Sec. of State on suggestions to bolster moderate influences in the country.
3Fidel Castro Sends Letter to GRN JuntaLimited Official Use, Cable, 03254, July 11, 1980, 2 pp.Cuba’s Castro send letter congratulating the Nicaraguan Government of National 29Reconstruction (GRN) “on the occasion of the July 19 anniversary of the revolution.”
4Finding Pursuant to Section 662 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as Amended, Concerning Operations Undertaken by the Central Intelligence Agency in Foreign Countries, Other Than Those Intended Solely for the Purpose of Intelligence CollectionSecret, Presidential Finding, March 9, 1981, 1 pp.A signed finding by President Reagan authorizing actions "to counter foreign-sponsored subversion and terrorism” in Central America and encourage governments across the world to provide support, with briefings to Congress.
5Early Background Report on Manucher GhorbanifarSecret, Report, c. September 1, 1981, 1 pp.An early report on Ghorbanifar’s background.
6Finding Pursuant to Section 622 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as Amended, Concerning Operations Undertaken by the Central Intelligence Agency in Foreign Countries, Other Than Those Intended Solely for the Purpose of Intelligence CollectionSecret, Presidential Finding, December 1, 1981, 1 pp.A signed finding by President Reagan authorizing “support and paramilitary operations against Nicaragua,” with briefings to Congress.
7U.S. Aid to NicaraguaConfidential, Cable, 003282, January 7, 1982, 2 pp.Brief history of recent pre-Iran-Contra Nicaraguan support efforts.
8Scope of CIA Activities under the Nicaragua FindingSecret, Scope Paper, July 12, 1982, 1 pp.Memo detailing the scope of CIA activities under the Nicaragua finding.
9Assessment of Recent Counterrevolutionary ActivityConfidential, Cable, 04943, October 20, 1982, 3 pp.Cable describing Contra activities against the Sandinistas.
10The Boland AmendmentNon-Classified, Report, April 6, 1983, 6 pp.History of the initial Boland Amendment.
11Amendment to the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1983Non-Classified, Report, May 13, 1983, 44 pp.Contains detail of Congressional debate about whether and how to intervene in Central America against communism.
12Covert Action Proposal Concerning Central AmericaSecret, Memorandum, September 9, 1983, 5 pp.Memo to CIA Director Casey recommending “cover action concerning… paramilitary activities in Central America.”
13CIA Covert Operations in NicaraguaSecret, Presidential Finding, September 19, 1983, 3 pp.Details a scope of CIA activities under a Presidential Finding that "authorizes the provision of material support and guidance to Nicaraguan resistance groups," including assessing future actions, funding, and risks.
14Scope of CIA Activities Under the Nicaragua FindingSecret, Scope Paper, September 19, 1983, 3 pp.Later memo detailing the scope of CIA activities under revised Nicaragua finding.
15Congressional Research Service Translation of CIA Contra Manual, UnclassifiedReport, c. October 1, 1983, 44 pp.A CIA manual "manual for the training of guerrillas in psychological operations," which notes that "guerrilla warfare is essentially a political war."
16Attack on Guerilla Command and Control Centers in NicaraguaSecret, Memorandum, February 3, 1984, 2 pp.Memo from Col. North to National Security Advisory McFarlane on recent attack in Nicaragua; requests McFarlane to brief the President.
17Central American Legislative Strategy -- Additional Funding for Anti-Sandinista ForcesTop Secret, Memorandum, February 21, 1984, 2 pp.Memo from National Security Advisor McFarlane to the President on strategy to get Congress to approve additional resources for the Contras.
18Special Activities in Nicaragua (“Mining Memo”)Top Secret, Memorandum, March 2, 1984, 2 pp.Memo from Col. North et al. to National Security Advisory McFarlane on “special activities in Nicaragua,” designed to “severely disrupt the flow of… trade.” McFarlane signs off and agrees to brief the President.
19Supplemental Assistance to Nicaragua ProgramSecret, Memorandum, March 27, 1984, 1 pp.Memo from CIA Director Casey to National Security Advisory McFarlane with suggestions on how to keep the Contra assistance program going; recommends considering having “private U.S. citizen[s]” donate to the effort, “after examining legalities.”
20Expression of Outrage Over Not Being Briefed on CIA Mining of Nicaraguan HarborsUnclassified, Letter, April 9, 1984, 2 pp.Letter from Sen. Goldwater to CIA Director Casey expressing his "feelings about the discovery of the President having approved" mining of some harbors in Central America; Goldwater says he is "pissed off!"
21News Coverage of Central AmericaLimited Official Use, Memorandum, April 15, 1984, 3 pp.Memo from Sec. of State Shultz to President Reagan on recent news coverage of developments in Central America; includes discussion of the work of the Office of Public Diplomacy.
22FDN Air Attack of 1 SeptemberTop Secret, Memorandum, September 2, 1984, 3 pp.Col. North memo to National Security Advisor McFarlane recounting a recent air attack involving the Contras. McFarlane agreed to brief the President on the details, but denied North’s request to allow a private donor to replace a Contra helicopter, saying “I don’t think this is legal.”
23Public Law 98-473 [H.J.Res. 648]; Continuing Appropriations, 1985 --Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 (P.2 Boland Amendment II)Non-Classified, Law, October 12, 1984, 5 pp.Text of the Boland Amendment II, with § 8066 extract.
24NicaraguaSecret, Memorandum, December 14, 1984, 5 pp.Memo to CIA Director Casey on American efforts in Nicaragua, which claims that U.S. policy there is ineffective because there is a lack of agreement in Washington on the objectives, saying “it is time to talk straight.”
25Approach to the Hondurans Regarding the Nicaraguan ResistanceSecret, Memorandum, February 19, 1985, 2 pp.Memo from National Security Advisor McFarlane to the President explaining ways to ensure the Hondurans support the Contras.
26Letter to Adolfo Calero Reporting on Honduran Agreement to Help Contras, Saudi Contribution of $20 Million and Other Components of Resupply OperationSecret, Letter, c. February 20, 1985, 3 pp.Letter to Mr. Calero detailing recent steps to aid the Contras and recommending next steps.
27Guatemalan Aid to the Nicaraguan ResistanceTop Secret, Memorandum, March 5, 1985, 4 pp.Memo from Col. North to National Security Advisor McFarlane with an update of Guatemalan aid to the Contras.
28"White Propaganda" OperationConfidential, Memorandum, March 13, 1985, 3 pp.Provides background on the covert "'white propaganda' operation" executed by the State Department's Office of Public Diplomacy for Latin America and the Caribbean (S/LPD), in service of "getting the President's program for freedom fighters [sic] enacted."
29Fallback Plan for the Nicaraguan ResistanceTop Secret, Memorandum, March 16, 1985, 4 pp.Col. North’s fallback plan for the Nicaraguan resistance prepared for National Security Advisor McFarlane, which notes that “secrecy for the plan is paramount.”
30FDN [Nicaraguan Democratic Force] Military OperationsTop Secret, Memorandum, April 11, 1985, 4 pp.Col. North memo to National Security Advisor McFarlane overviewing recent Contra military activities; requests approval to approach current donors for between $15-20 million in additional funding.
31Request for Presidential Appointment for Barbara NewingtonUnclassified, Memorandum, c. June 1, 1985, 2 pp.Memo to National Security Advisory McFarlane requesting that President Reagan take a photo-op with a large contributor to his causes, including those related to Nicaragua.
32Status of Hostage Recovery EffortsTop Secret, Memorandum, June 7, 1985, 8 pp.Memo from Col. North to National Security Advisory McFarlane on the status of the various hostages and associated recovery efforts.
33President Reagan Toasts Adolfo Calero for His "Courageous Struggle to Bring Freedom to the People of Nicaragua"Non-Classified, Statement, July 3, 1985, 1 pp.President Reagan’s toast to Mr. Calero for his support of the Contras against the “communist Sandinistas.”
34Letter of Thanks for Support of President Reagan's Contra PolicyLetter, August 15, 1985, 1 pp.Letter from Col. North to Mr. Channell expressing thanks for his donation to the “struggle for freedom” in Nicaragua and “support of the President’s program.”
35The 1984 Boland AmendmentUnclassified, Memorandum, August 23, 1985, 6 pp.Summary of the 1984 Boland Amendment, including its legislative history, intent, and the White House's position.
36Building Air Resupply Capability in El Salvador for Contras - Document Reprinted from Felix Rodriguez AutobiographySecret, Letter, September 20, 1985, 1 pp.Details how Iran-Contra “was a highly compartment operation” with information on the materiel the resistance was purchasing.
37NSC RequestSecret, Cable, November 23, 1985, 1 pp.Memo from the NSC requesting military material that can be exchanges for hostages.
38Private Blank Check [Instructions on Negotiations with Iran]Secret, PROFS, December 4, 1985, 9 pp.Earlier memo from Col. North to Adm. Poindexter’s memo recounting the current status of the transfer plan.
39Evidence of Nicaraguan Subversion in Central AmericaNon-Classified, Press Briefing, December 19, 1985, 8 pp.Asst. Sec. of State Abrams’ press briefing on evidence of Nicaraguan subversion in Central America.
40Finding Pursuant to Section 662 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 as Amended, concerning Operations Undertaken by the Central Intelligence Agency in Foreign Countries, Other Than Those Intended Solely for the Purpose of Intelligence CollectionTop Secret, Presidential Finding, January 9, 1986, 2 pp.A signed finding by President Reagan authorizing actions “to induce the Sandinistas to halt their transformation of Nicaragua into a” communist state, with briefings to Congress.
41Covert Action Finding Regarding IranMemorandum, January 17, 1986, 4 pp.A signed finding and associated background memo from Adm. Poindexter (prepared by Col. North) authorizing covert action hidden from the Congress regarding Iran.
42Meeting with Costa Rican Security Minister Benjamin PizaSecret, Memorandum, March 17, 1986, 2 pp.Memo from Adm. Poindexter to President Reagan with details and talking point for a scheduled Oval Office photo-op with Costa Rican official; includes request for Costa Rica to continue to support Contra resistance efforts.
43Release of American Hostages in BeirutTop Secret, Memorandum, c. April 4, 1986, 5 pp.Memo detailing a plan to retrieve American hostages in Beirut by allowing Israel to sell arms to Iran with the U.S. then resupplying Israel.
44Richard Secord Arrangements for First Contra AirdropTop Secret, KL-43, April 8, 1986, 1 pp.Mr. Secord’s arrangements for first aerial supply drop to the Contras.
45Report on Failure of Air Resupply Mission on April 10 and Plans to Attempt Mission on April 11Top Secret, KL-43, April 11, 1986, 1 pp.Details “asinine” procedure to resupply Contras.
46Private Blank CheckSecret, PROFS, April 16, 1986, 1 pp.Memo from Adm. Poindexter outlining challenges with a plan that would transfer “parts” for hostages, which the President has approved of.
47V.P. Meeting with Felix Rodriguez, a Counterinsurgency Expert Visiting from El SalvadorNon-Classified, Memorandum, April 16, 1986, 1 pp.Schedule proposal for CIA Officer Rodriguez’ meeting with Vice President Bush, including an opportunity for him “to brief [Bush] on the status of [the] resupply of the Contras.”
48Oliver North Flow Chart of Contra Fundraising, Finance and Arms Procurement NetworkNon-Classified, Chart, c. July 1986, 1 pp.Col. North’s account of how money flowed, eventually, to the Contras and others.
49Report on Meetings with Iranian Intermediaries in BrusselsTop Secret, KL-43, August 26, 1986, 2 pp.Discusses three meetings held with the Iranians and recommends next steps.
50Public Affairs Campaign on Central AmericaSecret, PROFS, September 25, 1986, 1 pp.Note from Adm. Poindexter on the public affairs campaign on Central America.
51Press Guidance; Background on Plane Downed in NicaraguaNon-Classified, Cable San Salvador, October 7, 1986, 1 pp.Initial information on the downed plane that led to an American hostage in Nicaragua.
52Downed PlaneTop Secret, PROFS, October 8, 1986, 1 pp.Memo to Adm. Poindexter concerning an American captured by the Nicaraguans referencing next steps that Col. North and Asst. Sec. of State Abrams will take.
53Translation by Albert Hakim of the Farse [sic] Original of the 9 PointsNon-Classified, Memorandum, October 8, 1986, 4 pp.Mr. Hakim’s translation of the among the parties whereby military equipment would ultimately led to hostages’ release.
54Meeting on November 10, 1986, with the President, Vice President, Secretary Shultz, DCI Casey, Attorney General Meese, Don Regan, Admiral Poindexter, and Al Keel, in the Oval OfficeSecret, Memorandum, November 10, 1986, 3 pp.White House meeting regarding the breaking Iran-Contra story with discussion of next steps to take.
55Summary of Hakim Accounting Records, Phase IIAccounting Records, c. December 31, 1986, 1 pp.A chart detailing Mr. Hakim’s accounts from Aug. of ’85 through Dec. of ’86.
56Soviet Bloc Military Equipment Supplied to Nicaragua (Jul. 1979-Dec. 1988)Non-Classified, Report, c. February 1989, 6 pp.A report overviewing the military equipment the Sandinistas received from the Soviet Bloc from mid-‘79 through ’88.