Behavioral Control in MATLAB




MonkeyLogic is available free in the form of a zip archive. No guarantees are made as to its reliability or suitability for any application, as individual implementations will vary. All are encouraged to thoroughly test the system and confirm that event timing is within maximum allowable tolerances, because this will depend on hardware type and settings. The temporal performance and reliability of this software, as tested on our systems, is documented in these publications.

Current Development & Support:

Monkeylogic is currently being developed and maintained as a joint collaboration between the laboratories of David Freedman at the University of Chicago and Wael Asaad at Brown University.

Andrew Mitz of the NIMH Laboratory of Neuropsychology and Edward Ryklin of Ryklin Software have been key contributors.

To report bugs or pose questions, contact:

David Freedman at: dfreedman [ at ] uchicago [ dot ] edu
Wael Asaad at: wael_asaad [at] brown [dot] edu

History & Contributions:

MonkeyLogic was originally designed and written by Wael Asaad

Additional contributors to this software include (in order of joining the project):

David Freedman
Camillo Padoa-Schioppa
Tim Buschman
Valerie Yorgan
Steve McClellan
Markus Siegel
Navaneethan Santhanam
Rutwik Kharkar

We thank Jeffrey Perry at UT Austin for making available the DirectX routines that underlie MonkeyLogic's visual stimulus presentation capability, and for helpful advice. We also thank the PsychToolbox team for their ongoing work on that software that consitutes the backbone of the OpenGL version of MonkeyLogic, and for their advice.

Thanks to Emad Eskandar, who provided the initial freedom and resources to work on this project, and to Earl Miller, who provided invaluable lessons on experimental design and analysis. We also thank all the beta-testers and users who have supplied useful feedback and insightful suggestions.



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