Peer Advising


Biology Peer Advising

Peer guidance is truly a cornerstone of the college experience. If you are interested in one of the Biology concentrations or have questions about the concentration that you are in, these students are available to help! Simply email the person you are hoping to meet to setup the time and place. Peer advising meetings will be very informal and  can take place anywhere on campus, at any time that fits your schedule.

Marie Baker: Concentration - Biology ScB (IMMU)
I'm a senior on the pre-med track, planning on applying to med school during my gap year. Outside of classes, I volunteer with Positive Change, work as a group tutor, volunteer at Miriam Hospital, and work in a lab at Rhode Island Hospital.

Agnes Cheng: Concentration - Biology ScB (CEMB)
I’m a senior from the Washington D.C. area, and while I concentrate in Cellular and Molecular Biology, my interests range from environmental education to botanical illustration. Outside of class I can be found in a plant genetics lab studying secondary metabolites, working in the greenhouse, and captaining the women’s ultimate frisbee team.

Sophia Collis: Concentration - Biology ScB (IMMU)
I'm a pre-med senior from Honolulu, HI doing research in the Kilguss Laboratory on reproductive medicine. Within the immunology track, I'm particularly interested in HIV and other infectious diseases. Apart from biology, I'm passionate about mental health advocacy and am a member of the Brown Women's Rugby Team.

Corinne Condie: Concentration - Biology AB
Hi! I am a senior concentrating in Biology A.B. and am pursing nursing school after graduation. Biology AB has not only allowed me to complete my nursing requirements and strengthen my passion of Immunology and Physiology, but has also given me the freedom to take a number of interesting classes in a variety of departments, such as Archeology and Geology. I am an active member of the women’s field hockey team and a volunteer EMT for Brown EMS.

Gabriela Gil: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Global Health)
My interests in global health policy and how biological needs and human rights intersect have led me to take classes throughout the Biology department, including a Wintersession class, a global health study abroad program, and a sophomore seminar.

Andrea Gilmore: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Brain Health and Behavior)
Hi my name is Andie Gilmore and I am from Walpole, Massachusetts! I am interested in studying orthopedics and the impact of infectious diseases. I have conducted research on antibiotic resistant bacteria for the past two years and have aspirations to attend medical school. I am also a member of the Women's Soccer Team!

Maya Greenhill: Concentration - Biology ScB (EEB)
I am a senior concentrating in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from San Francisco, CA. I research marine community ecology and have spent the past two summers studying reef fish and benthic community responses to climate change in the Galapagos Archipelago.

Jordan Hanson: Concentration - Biology ScB (IMMU)
I'm a senior from Berkeley, California with an interest in both immunology and the brain. I currently work in a research lab focused on attenuating inflammatory responses contributing to neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury. I am also interested in public health and outside of academics I am on Brown's equestrian team.

Sena Hanson: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Environmental Health)
I'm Sena, I'm a senior from Minnesota. I am concentrating in Health and Human Biology in the Environmental Health track. I am interested in environmental exposure and how it affects human health, and this summer I am working in a cancer lab at the University of Minnesota experimenting with the development of novel biomarkers of human exposure to chemical carcinogens and tobacco carcinogenesis.

Aryana Javaheri: Concentration - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
I am a pre-MD/PhD student who has done research in various subfields of cancer biology, as well as DNA repair - ask me about balancing classes, grades, choosing a concentration that is best for you, and anything else!

Hannnah Kim: Concentration - Applied Math-Biology
My name is Hannah, and I'm a rising senior concentrating in APMA-Bio. I work at Brown EMS, do research in a developmental neuro lab, and play flute in the Brown Orchestra.

Kaitlyn Lew: Concentration - Biology ScB (IMMU) & Contemplative Studies AB
I am a rising senior interested in health disparities among cancer screenings and preventive care for women and children and also how mindfulness practices such as meditation may alleviate chronic fatigue in cancer patients. Feel free to reach out!

Elizabeth Leon: Concentration - Biology ScB (PHBI)
Hi! I am a pre-dental junior concentrating in biology from Miami, Florida. After Brown, I will pursue a career in dentistry due to its versatility in allowing dentists to be creatively hands-on while the patients receive a functional result they desire and feel confident in. I am very interested in patient follow-up after medical care, so I engage with patients as a Spanish medical interpreter at Rhode Island Free Clinic and coordinate the Patient Visitation Program at Rhode Island Hospital. 

Arianna Markel: Concentration - Biology ScB (PHBI)
Hi! I'm a pre-med senior from Connecticut interested in cardiology and drug development. On campus, I am involved in Brown Synapse, the Meiklejohn Peer Advising Program, and the Applied Music Program. I also currently do research in the Mathiowitz Lab where we are studying new methods to quantify polymer levels in the body and have spent the past two summers interning at a biotech company studying rare diseases. The PHBI track has been a great way to combine my interests in drug development and medicine and I would be happy to talk to anyone with questions!

Bria Metzger: Concentration - Biology AB & English AB (Nonfiction)
Hi all! I'm a senior double concentrating in biology and english nonfiction. Brown has provided a really special environment for me to explore my interests without giving anything up — if you’re considering double concentrating, I’d be happy to talk! My biology interests focus on combining genetic methods and ecological understanding to solve conservation problems. In addition to TAing for Genetics and Life Underwater in the Anthropocene, I’m lucky enough to be developing my thesis in the Witman Lab, trying to identify phylogenetic signals among reef fish in the Galápagos archipelago.

Gloria Nashed: Concentration - Biology ScB (PHBI)
Hi! I'm a rising senior who is interested in how biology on the microscale (like signal transduction and other cellular processes) ultimately affect macroscale biology (overall human physiology). I volunteer at the Rhode Island Free Clinic and also work in the Oancea Lab which studies signal transduction pathways. I hope to go to medical school!

Jennifer Osborne: Concentration - Biology ScB (NEUR)
I'm mainly interested in exploring immunology/infectious diseases and have experience working with Clínica Esperanza, a Providence-based free clinic. Please feel free to reach out!

Alyssa Pho: Concentation - Health & Human Biology (Social Context of Health and Disease)
Hi! I am a senior from Long Beach, California interested in the role of communication in medical practice. Outside of class, I am involved in Alpha Chi Omega, the Healthy Eating and Active Living Clinic, the Vietnamese Student Association, and working with Alumni Relations. Feel free to ask me any questions about being first-gen, being pre-med, picking a concentration, study abroad during the summer, or any other question you might have!

Marie Piatski: Concentration - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Hi! I am pre-med concentrator in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - I do research in the immunology-focused Jamieson Lab on the lung microbiome, and I TA Virology (BIOL1560) and Vaccines (BIOL1600). Feel free to reach out and ask me anything!

Natasha Richmond: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Social Context of Health and Disease)
Hi! I’m a senior from Toronto, Canada interested in studying health disparities. I’m involved in research at the School of Public Health, and I’m also hoping to double concentrate in Ethnic Studies. Please feel free to reach out!

Amita Sastry: Concentration - Biology ScB (IMMU)
Hi there! My name is Amita and I'm a senior concentrating in Immunobiology. I'm a PLME student and my research focuses on structural biochemistry at the Ship Street Laboratory for Molecular Medicine. In my free time, I write poetry and serve as the co-captain of the classical Indian dance team Brown Abhinaya!

Kyra Svoboda: Concentration - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
I’m interested in the application of biological systems to address environmental and medical problems, so I considered engineering but chose chemistry as the lens I wanted to study biology through.


Katherine Travisano: Concentration - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
I’m a senior concentrating in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Carlisle, Massachusetts. I conduct research on immunomodulation in the Mylonakis Laboratory at Rhode Island Hospital, and I've spent the past two summers at a non-profit medical research organization developing CRISPR-Cas based assays for the detection of antimicrobial resistance. I also TA Biochemistry (BIOL0280) and am also involved in Brown Science Prep (BSP), the Triple Helix Journal (TTH), and Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE).

Amy Wang: Concentration - Computational Biology
I am a rising senior concentrating in Computational Biology, with a focus on the CS track! I'm interested in genetics/genomics, as well as other medical applications of technology. I'm also premed!

Ethan Wold: Concentration - Biology ScB (EEB) & Geophysics A.B. (Climate Science)
I’m a senior with interests in functional morphology, comparative biomechanics, and bio-inspired design. After I graduate, I’m interested in pursuing a PhD, and then working in either science policy or industry.

Cindy Won: Concentration - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
I am interested in studying the molecular mechanisms of disease and the implications of research on public health initiatives. I currently study HIV transmission in Rhode Island, and I would be more than willing to chat!

Derek Xu: Concentation - Biology ScB (IMMU)
I am concentrating in Biology with a focus in immunology. I am part of a cancer biology lab that is looking at stem cell plasticity. During my free time, I love to play the violin and am a member of the Brown University Orchestra.

Sharon Zeldin: Concentration - Biology ScB (CEMB) & Philosophy
I am much too passionate about CRIPSR, indie rock bands, my research with C. elegans and C. difficle, oatmeal raisin cookies, theories about Brains in Vats, working on Brown EMS, and inspiring a love of science in others!