Peer Advising

Biology Peer Advising

Peer guidance is truly a cornerstone of the college experience. If you are interested in one of the Biology concentrations or have questions about the concentration that you are in, these students are available to help! Simply email the person you are hoping to meet to setup the time and place. Peer advising meetings will be very informal and  can take place anywhere on campus, at any time that fits your schedule.

Ashley Aldridge: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (thematic focus in Women's and Children's Health)
I am a current senior in the PLME from Buffalo, New York, intending to attend the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University in 2018 and currently conducting neurosurgical research at Rhode Island Hospital with Dr. Wael Asaad, having interests in photography, classical piano, dancing, golfing, biking, traveling, cooking, and baking.

Alexa Andre: Concentration - Biology ScB
I'm a senior from Washington State and I love to read (mostly fantasy and science fiction) and play with dogs! I am especially interested in nutrition and sleep research and how we can use these to improve health care.

Emily Cheney: Concentration - Biology ScB (Biotechnology and Physiology)
Hey! My name is Emily.  I do research on cancer cell motility, play club field hockey, and enjoy being outside. Also, I transferred to Brown sophomore year and studied abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland in the Fall 2015!

Spencer Darveau: Concentration - Biology AB
I am a senior PLME student interested in the biology of infectious diseases as well as global health and neuroscience. This past year, I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark as well as in Costa Rica, where I pursued my interests in the overall context of human health.

Erika Denour: Concentration - Biology ScB (Physiology and Biotechnology ’18), applying for 5th year Master’s in Biotechnology ’19
I am interested in the development of novel biomaterials and techniques in tissue engineering, as well as the impact of health care policy on access to and quality of health care. My current research focuses on the geographical analysis of dentists participating in Medicaid for child dental services.  As an avid artist, I hope to combine my love for manual dexterity and primary care by pursuing a career in dentistry.

Kayla Dwyer: Concentration - Biology ScB (Immunobiology)
I am an undergraduate researcher in the MMI Department with an interest in infectious disease, public health, and epidemiology.

Kyle Evans
: Concentration - Biology ScB (Physiology-Biotechnology)
I hope to attend medical school after graduation and enjoy tennis and trivia.

Julia Gross: Concentration - Biology ScB (Immunology)
Interests: I study molecular biology (principally immunology and genetics), and currently work in the Larschan Lab studying the mechanisms of gene regulation.

Kenji Hayashi: Concentration - Biology ScB. (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
I am interested broadly in the intersection of ecology and evolutionary biology, with a particular interest in biogeography and its applications to conservation science.

Hailey Jacobson: Concentration - Biology ScB (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Interests include all things ecology, animals and plants, the outdoors, hiking, Brown's herbarium, reading, varsity swimming, and ice cream.
Biology classes I have taken: BIOL0160, BIOL0140A, BIOL0350, BIOL0400, BIOL0410, BIOL0420, BIOL0480, BIOL1440, BIOL1450, and BIOL1470.

Tyler Kirchberg: Concentration - Biology ScB (Immunobiology)
While my specific focus is Immunology, I am fascinated by all of biology and have taken many of the introductory biology courses at Brown; some of my favorites include Genetics (BIOL0470) and Principles of Physiology (BIOL0800).

Trisha Jain: Concentration - Heath & Human Biology
I changed my mind about my concentration (from biomedical engineering, to biology, to health and human biology) and whether to be premed or not quite a few times and would be happy to help anyone else who is confused! I'm now no longer premed and I currently plan to go to graduate school for biotechnology. Outside academics, I dance with Brown Badmaash!

Trang Le: Concentration - Biology AB
I am a pre-veterinary student here at Brown and am primarily interested in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Ye Eun (Stella) Lee: Concentration - Health and Human Biology (Brain Health & Behavior)
Aloha! I'm a Junior from Hawaii and am interested in how the human microbiome influences health. This summer, I studied the rate of transformation of B. subtilis with antibiotics treatment. In my free time, I like to run to India Point Park! 

Anthony Mei: Concentration - Health and Human Biology(Social Context of Health and Disease)
I am a first-gen senior from Chicago who is interested in studying how one's identity and status influences their health.

Elizabeth Purington: Concentration - Biology AB
I am broadly interested in plant ecology and conservation biology.


Natalie Schudrowitz: Concentation - Health & Human Biology
I'm from Wisconsin and am a distance runner on the track and field team. I have previously worked to determine links between germline factors and tumorigenesis, and presently I'm very interested in clinical research to advance women's health.

Cooper Schwartz: Concentration - Biology AB
I'm interested in medicine, infectious disease, and immunology.


Katerina Tori: Concentration - Biology ScB (Cell and Molecular Biology)
I am a rising senior, interested in empowering people through education and mentorship. I will be applying to medical school next spring.