Peer Advising

Biology Peer Advising

If you are interested in one of the Biology concentrations or have questions about the concentration that you are in, Biology Peer Advisors are available to help! Simply email the person you are hoping to meet to setup the time and place. Peer advising meetings will be very informal, taking place anywhere on campus or online, at any time that fits your schedule.

For students interested in Applied Math Peer Advising, including Applied Math-Biology, please visit their website.

Lili Akin: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Global/International Health)
Hi! I am a senior concentrating in Health and Human Biology on the Global/International Health track. I am pre-PA (Physician's Assistant) and I am interested in the global context of infectious disease. Aside from academics, I am on the women's water polo team, I work as an ophthalmic assistant in a clinic, and I have experience in labs. My hobbies include embroidery and reading. Feel free to reach out whenever you like!

Adriana Baez-Berrios: Concentration - Biology ScB (NBIO)
¡Hola! My name is Adriana and I'm a pre-med senior from Puerto Rico pursuing a double concentration in Biology and Hispanic Literatures and Culture. I work in the Barnea Lab investigating the olfactory and gustatory systems of fruit flies. I'm also a TA for Spanish and Introductory Chemistry. So far, Neural Systems (NEUR 1030), Biochemistry (BIOL 0280), and Physiology (BIOL 0800) have been my favorite courses here at Brown. During my free time, I volunteer at Clinica Esperanza and Rhode Island Free Clinic as a Spanish interpreter. My goal is to become a physician that serves patients inside a culturally-sensitive environment, no matter their identity. Feel free to reach out!

Claire Brown: Concentration - Biology AB (Cell and Molecular)
Hi! My name is Claire, and I'm a junior from Iowa. Within the Bio department, I TA a handful of classes and do research in the Belenky lab (Molecular Microbio & Immuno Department). Outside of the Bio department, I'm also a Political Science concentrator, and I like to spend my free time baking and reading Agatha Christie novels  ◡̈

Drew Clippert: Concentration - Health & Human Biology
I am a pre-med senior from Chicago, and I am a Co-Chair at Brown's Infectious Disease Society. I also have been a part of the Weiss lab on campus!


Hikaru Hayashi: Concentration - Biology ScB (IMMU)
Hi everyone! I'm a senior from Tokyo, Japan concentrating in Immunobiology, which I actually discovered I love after taking various Brown Biology courses, so feel free to ask me about classes! I am researching liver cancer immunotherapies at the Liver Research Center and am a TA for Virology (BIOL 1560) with plans to apply to grad school to pursue a PhD after Brown. Outside of that, I am a class liaison for the Infectious Diseases Society, a member of the Japanese Cultural Association (JCA), and a past mentor of the International Mentoring Program (IMP).

Melinda Li: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Social Context of Health and Disease)
Hey! I’m a senior from New York and Beijing studying HHB! In the past I’ve been involved in molecular biology and biochemistry research on aging and currently I’m involved in geriatric fall prevention research, telehealth research, as well as a study monitoring anxiety in cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy. Beyond the classroom, I love meeting new people, and I am a Meiklejohn and a co-Editor-in-Chief for the Triple Helix science magazine at Brown. Please feel free to reach out with questions or if you just want to chat!

Lang Liang: Concentration - Biology ScB & Neuroscience
Hello there! I am a senior currently applying to dental school. In addition, I am a TA for NEUR 0010 and NEUR 1020, and I am an undergraduate researcher in the O'Connor-Giles laboratory studying the molecular mechanisms of vesicle recruitment at synapses. Please reach out if you have questions regarding courses, TAing, research, health careers, or anything else!

Aleina Markham: Concentration - Biology AB
I'm a senior who is double concentrating in Biology and Literary Arts--I have also worked as a Meiklejohn, an Undergraduate Research Assistant, and a Connect for Health advocate.

Lindsay Marmor: Concentration - Biology ScB (IMMU)
Hi everyone! My name is Lindsay Marmor and I am a PLME student working on research in a lab at Brown on mitochondrial genomics and I also love working with children.

Nina Mehta: Concentration - Biology Scb (Biotechnology/Physiology)
I played on the Brown Women's Basketball team during my first year at Brown. I am conducting dermatology research with Dr. Carlos Wambier and infectious disease research in the Nau lab to investigate novel drugs against COVID-19. I volunteer at Clinic Esperanza, am a WiSE mentor, and am part of BRYTE. I like to sing and play the guitar and have been singing in the local hospice! Also, I am a fluent French speaker and love to volunteer at the Center for Language Studies.

Jake Parsons: Concentration - Biology ScB (EEB)
I am a senior from South Carolina studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, with a particular interest in vertebrate morphology and biomechanics. At Brown, I have been able to become involved in research within the EEB Morphology Group as I look to answer questions about muscle evolutionary development through experimentation with fish. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in doing research with live animals and hope to expand your laboratory and technical knowledge as you look towards medical school, the biotech world, and beyond.

Gabriella Raviv: Concentration - Biology AB & Judaic Studies
As a pre-med student, I of course spend lots of time taking all of the required courses but I also am very involved with research (working at a seizure focused lab), Jewish life, Best Buddies and more!

Ooviya Sathiyamoorthy: Concentration - Biology AB (with an emphasis on neuroscience courses)
Hello! My name is Ooviya and I am a rising senior from East Boston, Massachusetts. I am a biology concentrator who is also on the pre-medical track with an interest in teaching and education (especially STEM curricula)! In connection with my interests, I currently work for a health advocacy program (Connect for Health) and an education company (Pansophy Education Institute, Ltd.) and am also a member of a developmental biology lab (the Yajima Lab) that investigates developmental plasticity using sea urchins as a model organism. Outside of these activities, however, I also really enjoy learning about nutrition, exercise physiology, infectious disease, and cognition, particularly with respect to cognition as it relates to language learning. Some courses I have taken within the Biology and Neuroscience Departments are NEUR 0010, NEUR 1020, BIOL 0170, BIOL 0200, BIOL 0530, BIOL 0800, and ENVS 0490, but I have also taken many other non-STEM courses (i.e. Hindi, Sanskrit, classics, philosophy, linguistics, and English) and participate in a handful of extracurricular groups (i.e. including, the Food Recovery Network, the Infectious Disease Society, DAEBAK, and Artbeat) as the intersection of Biology and the arts are at the heart of my studies. As a biology concentrator who had to take and drop a lot of courses to find a path that suited me best emotionally and intellectually, I would be more than happy to connect with you about the decision-making process involving your courseload, when to take prereqs, the school-work balance, mental health considerations, and how to navigate academia and university life in general, especially as a low-income student.

Jon Scalabrini: Concentration - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Public Health 
Hello! I am a senior from California interested in protein structure and function. In addition, I am a TA for CHEM0330, and I am an undergraduate researcher in the Lisi lab studying the molecular mechanisms of MIF family proteins using NMR. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Sophia Sordilla: Concentration - Biology ScB (EBIO)
Hi! I am a senior on the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology track who's interested in vertebrate functional morphology and planning on pursuing a PhD. Outside of class, you can find me playing ultimate frisbee with one of the club teams at Brown. Feel free to reach out and chat about classes, research, or anything else!

Manuella Talla Takoukam: Concentration - Biology ScB (IMMU) 
Hello! I'm an international student and pre-med junior concentrating in Biology on the Immunobiology track. Currently, I work in the Jamieson Lab as an undergraduate research assistant, studying influenza virus and S. pneumoniae co-infection and it's effects on cell death mechanisms and infectious diseases of the lungs (Summer UTRA). Additionally, I'm a TA for Foundations of Living Systems (BIOL 0200), a Meiklejohn, and an advocate for Connect for Health. I plan on taking a gap year and applying to MD/PhD programs. Outside of the sciences, I enjoy dancing, writing poetry, and cooking. Feel free to reach out about classes, research, TA-ing, being pre-med, and anything else!

Alexandra Trouilloud: Concentration - Biology ScB
I'm a senior from New Jersey with hopes to go to grad school for biology after graduation. I work in a cell physiology lab studying the skin's response to UV light and TA two great classes in the bio department. I would love to chat about getting involved in biology at Brown, but also feel free to ask me about playing club sports, volunteering through PAL, and taking fun classes outside of your concentration!