Peer Advising

Biology Peer Advising

Peer guidance is truly a cornerstone of the college experience. If you are interested in one of the Biology concentrations or have questions about the concentration that you are in, these students are available to help! Simply email the person you are hoping to meet to setup the time and place. Peer advising meetings will be very informal, taking place anywhere on campus or online, at any time that fits your schedule.

For students interested in Applied Math Peer Advising, including Applied Math-Biology, please visit their website.

Adriana Baez Berrios: Concentration - Biology ScB (NBIO)
¡Hola! My name is Adriana and I'm a pre-med junior from Puerto Rico pursuing a double concentration in Biology under the Neurobiology track and Hispanic Literatures and Culture. I work in the Barnea Lab investigating the olfactory and gustatory systems. I'm also a TA for Spanish and Introductory Chemistry. So far, Neural Systems and Biochemistry have been my favorite courses here at Brown. During my free time, I volunteer at Clinica Esperanza and Rhode Island Free Clinic as a Spanish interpreter. My goal is to become a physician and impact those patients with limited English proficiency whose language barriers should not hinder access to a proper healthcare experience. Feel free to reach out!

Sarah Buchanan: Concentration - Biology AB
I am a senior from Plymouth, Massachusetts in the PLME program concentrating in Biology A.B and I'm interested in cardiology, Spanish and ballet-  feel free to ask me about choosing between the AB and ScB or becoming a biology TA.

Ashley Choi: Concentration - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
I am a premed student currently working in a microbiology lab, focusing on how we can combat antibiotic resistance. I also have some research experience in interventional radiology.  I have been a part of Brown Alzheimer’s Activists since my first year and love dogs!

Maria Contreras: Concentration - Biology ScB (EBIO)
My name is Maria Contreras and I'm studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I'm a rising senior currently interning at the University of Michigan hospital and during the school year, researching in a functional morphology lab at Brown's biomedical center with plans to attend medical school after graduation.

Samuel Croes: Concentration - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
I'm a senior from Long Island, New York! I study CRISPR-Cas9 via NMR in George Lisi's lab. I have completed an UTRA and a summer internship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Talk to me about research, classes, grad school, and life!

Caleb Eickmann: Concentration - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
I'm a senior from Maine planning to pursue a PhD with an interest in the evolution of pathogens and the treatment of infectious disease. My research projects have involved antibiotic targets, phage therapy, and combination therapy for fungal pathogens, and I'm a TA for Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease (BIOL 0380). Outside of science, I study French and participate in Mock Trial. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Rebka Ephrem: Concentration - Biology ScB (IMMU)
I am a pre-med student, and my favorite clinical experience has been working as a medical scribe, in both the Emergency Department and at the Rhode Island Free Clinic. I am also an undergrad research assistant studying reproductive toxicology and the effects on fetal germ cell differentiation. Outside of class and work, I like reading science fiction and taking photos!

Anoop Gurram: Concentration - Biology AB & Public Health AB
Hi! I’m a pre-med senior double concentrating in Biology and Public Health. I’m interested in the intersections between environmental health and biological effects on the body systems. I work in the Jogl Lab which focuses on ribosome crystallography and I also work with the Center for Language Studies and Connect for Health!

Emma Hanson: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Social Context of Health and Disease)
I am a pre-med senior interested in chronic disease prevention, nutrition, and community health. Outside of academics, I am involved in Brown Market Shares, I volunteer for the Women and Infants Hospital, and I am a member of the women’s gymnastics team.

Christine Huynh: Concentration - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology & Neuroscience
As an undergraduate researcher in the de Graffenried Lab, I am currently investigating how infectious diseases like African Sleeping Sickness besiege more disadvantaged populations through characterizing the structural biology that drives our model organism's cytokinesis. I have also had the chance to explore many pastimes like ballroom dancing, rock climbing, and creative nonfiction writing despite being pre-med.

Chiaka Ibe: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Global Health)
I am especially interested in the intersection of business and innovative healthcare delivery, with my research being focused on digital healthcare.

Taylor Keys: Concentration - Biology AB and Environmental Studies AB (Environment and Inequality Track)
Hi, I’m Taylor. I’m a senior from Georgia. I am double concentrating in Biology and Environmental Studies and plan to apply to medical school after graduating. Outside of academics, I am a Bonner Community Fellow through which I work with the Partnership for Providence Parks. I’m also a member of the Brown Women’s Rugby Team. I’d be happy to talk to anyone interested in navigating double concentrating, pre-med requirements, or about balancing academics and extracurriculars!

Allison Lanzone: Concentration - Health & Human Biology
I am a senior on the Pre-Med track, and am planning to apply to med school during my gap year! Outside of my classes, I play Brown Women's Lacrosse. I am also involved in Best Buddies, and I work in a lab at Rhode Island Hospital.

Adrian Lee: Concentration - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Outside of class, I work in a plant genetics lab on campus, volunteer at the Hasbro Children's Hospital, and am captain of the club badminton team.

Rachel Lee: Concentration - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Hi! I’m a senior concentrating in biochemistry and molecular biology. I conduct research in a genetics lab, am a part of Connect for Health, and volunteer at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Feel free to reach out!

Elizabeth Leon: Concentration - Biology ScB (PHBI)
Hi! I am a pre-dental junior concentrating in biology from Miami, Florida. After Brown, I will pursue a career in dentistry due to its versatility in allowing dentists to be creatively hands-on while the patients receive a functional result they desire and feel confident in. I am very interested in patient follow-up after medical care, so I engage with patients as a Spanish medical interpreter at Rhode Island Free Clinic and coordinate the Patient Visitation Program at Rhode Island Hospital.

Lang Liang: Concentration - Biology ScB & Neuroscience
Hello there! I am a junior interested in the relationship between the brain and the immune system. In addition, I am a TA for NEUR 0010 and NEUR 1020, and I am an undergraduate researcher in the O'Connor-Giles laboratory studying the molecular mechanisms of vesicle recruitment at synapses.

Ana Malfa: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Global Health)
Hi! I’m a senior concentrating in Health and Human Biology on the Global Health track. I’m mainly interested in the determinants of maternal/fetal health and have also been involved in pediatric neuroscience research. Outside of class, I work for Brown EMS and play on the women’s club soccer team!

Kaeri Martinez: Concentration - Biology AB
Originally from Chicago, IL, I am a senior who loves virology, is planning to pursue a Ph.D in the subject, and has taken all of the immunology and infectious disease courses offered at Brown.

Maria Guerrero Martinez: Concentration - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
I'm a senior on the pre-med track concentrating in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, planning on applying to med school during my gap year. Outside of classes, I am vice-president of the Puerto Rican Students Association, a TA and tutor for CHEM 350, goalkeeper for Brown Women's Soccer and the undergraduate student representative of the Healthy Fall 2020 Task Force.

Isabel Mirfakhraie: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Social Context of Health and Disease)
Hi there!! I am an HHB senior from West Virginia! During my time at Brown, I have definitely taken advantage of the open curriculum and am really interested in the interdisciplinary nature of medicine, healthcare and health systems. I have most recently done clinical research in Dr. Morrow’s Christianson Syndrome team at Bradley Hospital and have also TA’d for BIOL 0940D: Precision Medicine or Privileged Medicine and CHEM 0330! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding health careers outside of medicine, studying abroad in STEM, TAing, seminar courses or just want to chat!!

Siddhi Nadkarni: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Global Health)
I’m a pre-med senior, passionate about global and public health, and I chose Health and Human Biology because it has allowed me to explore how other disciplines shape biology and medicine in the social context. I work in the Nixon Laboratory on malaria vaccine research and volunteer at the Cancer Institute at RI Hospital.

Lynna Ngo: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Global Health)
Lynna Ngo is an adventurous and proud first-generation student who hopes to enter the medical field. After working as a nurse assistant and undergrad researcher in microbiology, she's interested in how health involves both internal biology and external environmental factors.

Lisa Nguyen: Concentration - Biology ScB (NBIO)
I am researching a genetic translocation in acute myeloid leukemia and my goal is to attend medical school.

Bess Renjilian: Concentration - Biology AB
I’m very excited to be a bio advisor this year! Outside of class, I play Ultimate Frisbee for Brown Disco Inferno and I love to sing. I travelled abroad to Spain junior year and did the CASA Program in Granada (that’s where I took this photo!). In addition to Biology, I have taken several classes in the Neuro track. I officially declared Biology AB in sophomore year after some switching around, but didn’t decide to be Premed until Junior year, so you don’t have to know what you’re doing from the start. My favorite course at Brown was Neural Systems. If you take Cell and Molecular Biology, you might see me as your TA!

Catherine Ryan: Concentration - Biology ScB (CEMB)
Hi! I am a pre-med senior concentrating in Cell and Molecular Biology. I have been doing research in the Lapierre Lab, studying the molecular biology of aging in C. elegans since my freshman year. I’m also passionate about science communications and serve as an editor for the Brown Daily Herald’s science section. Feel free to reach out about balancing coursework, research, and everything else!

Carrie Shao: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Brain Health & Behavior)
Hi! I'm a senior from Beijing, China. I've been involved with lab research using zebrafish as a model to understand brain and behavior development and literature review about PrEP and incarcerated women. My education background has provided me with opportunities to apply scientific concepts to impactful projects, and it has also given me the freedom to explore other departments or even design my own course as well as to engage with communities outside of Brown. Unlike most bio concentrators, I'm currently not pre-med but my scientific background, diverse interests, and professional skills have led me to unique and meaningful experiences. I'm more than happy to share my perspectives and advice on anything you might be curious about!

Maxwell Spurrell: Concentration - Biology ScB (CEMB)
I'm a senior from Cranston, RI and am interested in developmental biology. I've spent the past couple of years working in the Wessel Lab, focusing on the evolution of a novel cell type in sea urchin embryos. Feel free to ask me about research, classes, or anything else.

Tylin Stiller: Concentration - Biology AB
I am from Evergreen, Colorado, and I chose to concentrate in Biology A.B. because I am not sure what I want to pursue, and this track has allowed me to pursue a variety of interests including Biotechnology, Immunology, and animal biology. Outside of class, I volunteer at the Rhode Island Free Clinic and am a member of the Brown Volleyball team.

Trisha Thacker: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Brain Health & Behavior)
I am a rising senior double concentrating in Health and Human Biology and English. Feel free to ask me about double concentrating in two completely different areas. I am very interested in healthcare innovation and am the Co-President of Brown Hack Health - a club that organizes a healthcare based hackathon. After I graduate, I hope to combine my passions of Biology and Business and work in Life Sciences Consulting.

Claire Thompson: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Social Context of Health and Disease)
Hi! I am a pre-med senior from Massachusetts. I am involved in research in the NICU at Women and Infants Hospital. I am also a first generation college student, a Connect for Health advocate and a MAPS mentor. Please feel free to reach out!

Miranda Triedman: Concentration - Biology AB & Classics AB
I am a rising senior concentrating in Biology and Classics on the pre-med track. Outside of classes, I am passionate about research of chronic diseases (particularly cystic fibrosis and HIV). I am also a TA for a Biology course and am involved in volunteering.

Karina Wang: Concentration - Biology ScB (PHBI)
As a student-athlete, I really enjoyed taking BIOL 1160 - Exercise Physiology and have pursued this interest working with Brown's Sports Injury Lab on a BIOL1950/1960 research project. Previously I worked in the Tatar Lab in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Division. I also have interests in nutrition taking related coursework, completing a summer internship in the field, and volunteering as an instructor for a cooking and nutrition program at Miriam Hospital.

Hannah Woolley: Concentration - Biology ScB (EBIO)
I’m a senior from Massachusetts studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I am particularly interested in genetics and the application of evolutionary perspectives to human medicine and plan to apply to med school after graduation. I’ve been able to apply my background in EEB to a really wide range of experiences including field and bench work in honey bees, molecular work in C. elegans, as well as clinical research. Feel free to reach out!

Rea Yoh: Concentration - Biology ScB (PHBI)
Hi! I'm a senior who really likes bones and bats--my research focuses on comparing the anatomy of the bat shoulder girdle to that of humans. I'm planning on pursuing a PhD after taking a gap year. Outside of the lab, I'm the captain of the ballroom dance team, a volunteer for the Providence Animal Rescue League, and a member of Clinica Esperanza Outreach.

Raffee Wright: Concentration - Independent concentration in Behavioral genetics
My interests are in genetics and psychology, which I have explored through a variety of courses taken and multiple volunteer/internship research opportunities in laboratories.