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Nominate your peers for a $500 award! The Exceptional Peer Advising Award will recognize students that go above and beyond to support, guide, and inspire others on campus. The Office of the Dean of the College will be awarding three undergraduate students $500 each as acknowledgement of their contributions to the Brown community. Selections will be made by the Undergraduate Council of Students Committee on Academic Affairs, and will be based on community impact, experience as a formal/informal peer advisor, and character. Additionally, we’d like to honor a faculty and staff member for their exceptional involvement. The ideal nominee is an individual who has enhanced the academic experience of one or more members of the community, whether in an explicit or informal capacity, through roles on campus or otherwise. We will be prioritizing students who have not yet received compensation for their efforts.

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Biology Peer Advising

Peer guidance is truly a cornerstone of the college experience. If you are interested in one of the Biology concentrations or have questions about the concentration that you are in, these students are available to help! Simply email the person you are hoping to meet to setup the time and place. Peer advising meetings will be very informal and  can take place anywhere on campus, at any time that fits your schedule.

Casey Abrahams: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Brain Health and Behavior)
Hi! I am a pre-med senior from Los Angeles, California. I am in the Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) and have spent my summers interning at orthopedic and ENT practices.  On campus, I volunteer for the Community Health Advocacy Program (CHAP) and am in Kappa Alpha Theta. I studied abroad in London during my junior fall. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have!

Robert Blattner: Concentration - Biology ScB (IMMU)
I'm from Northern California and I am interested in ecology, epidemiology, and infectious disease. I am conducting research in the Rand lab on how immune genes affect disease burden and microevolution in fragmented rabbit populations.

Ryan Cohen: Concentration - Biology ScB (NBIO)
I am fascinated by the brain, and I research the molecular mechanisms underlying alcohol reward memory. I plan to attend medical school after Brown.


Hallie Fischman: Concentration - Biology ScB (MAR)
I am a senior concentrating in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I am interested in coastal ecology and have spent the past two summers studying the restoration of salt marshes and sand dunes along the Atlantic coast.

Adam Friedberg: Concentration - Biology AB
I am concentrating in Biology through the AB track. In addition to taking my pre-med requirements, I have focused on immunobiology and biotechnology, so I am very interested in looking at how scientists are innovating the medical industry with advancements in microbiological research and material engineering.

Jillian Glasser: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Social Context of Health and Disease)
Hi! My name is Jill, and I am from Jacksonville, FL. I am interested in studying and researching the diagnosis and treatment of infectious disease. I am a Health and Human Biology DUG Leader and am on the Women's Swimming and Diving Team.

Sean Joyce: Concentration - Biology ScB (IMMU)
I am a pre-med student interested in the political aspects of infectious diseases and biomedical research.


Louis Kang: Concentration - Biology ScB (PHBI)
I’m a senior interested in exercise physiology and orthopedics. This past year, I conducted research in the Department of Orthopedics at Alpert Medical School and worked at the Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut. I also play club soccer.

Rachel SW Lee: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Global/International Health)
Hi! I am a senior interested in global health, specifically in the non-profit sector. I go on medical/mission trips and do related research! During my free time, I love to paint, journal, and travel.

Ye Eun (Stella) Lee: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Brain Health and Behavior) focusing on development
I am interested in antibiotic resistance and currently am working on a project where I am creating RecA inducible plasmids to study rates of transformation in B. subtilis. Feel free to reach out to me about interests in research or where to begin in general! Fun fact: I am from Hawaii and enjoy running during my free time!

Mark Liang: Concentration - Biology AB & Technology Studies AB
I’m from Los Angeles and also a Bio DUG leader. I’ve got strong interests in both hard science and medical humanities. You can ask me any question about finding a lab, picking a concentration, study abroad, and juggling Biology with other class interests.

Nicholas Lorence: Concentration - Biology AB & Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations (BEO)
Hi! I'm a senior interested in the intersection of biology and medicine with business - I have been published with a cancer lab while also interning in healthcare investment banking. I have a lot of experience applying a Biology background outside of the traditional medical school route - feel free to reach out!

Lauren Lubeck: Concentration - Biology ScB (CEMB)
I'm a senior from Tampa, Florida and am interested in cellular processes of marine invertebrates. Last year, I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am also involved with student theater on campus!

Julia Marcus: Concentration - Biology ScB (PHBI)
Hi! I am a pre-med senior from Connecticut who has taken a wide range of biology courses. I have spent my summers working and researching in the ED and outside of biology I love working with kids.

Jokichi Matsubara: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Social Context of Health and Disease)
I'm mainly interested in exploring immunology/infectious diseases and have experience working with Clínica Esperanza, a Providence-based free clinic. Please feel free to reach out!

McKenna Miller: Concentation - Applied Math-Bio
I originally entered Brown as PreMed and switched to APMA-Bio my sophomore year. I enjoy a combination of hard analytics and creative problem solving which I think is what makes Applied Math so unique. In addition to my concentration, I have taken advantage of the open curriculum by taking several VISA classes. Outside of my studies I am a member of Brown's water polo team and Kappa Alpha Theta. My decision to study APMA-Bio has taught me a lot about myself and I would love nothing more than to help guide and mentor others who are looking to take a similar path!

Morcos Nakhla: Concentration - Biology ScB (CEMB)
Hi! I am a rising senior studying biology and applying to medical school! On campus, I volunteer with Brown EMS and BURP! I TA Genetics and Eukaryotic Cell, and I do research in the Morgan Lab that will hopefully form into a thesis!

Abbigail Newchas: Concentration - Biology ScB (PHBI)
I currently work in a research lab that is focused on finding the ideal conditions for a thermal accelerant to act as a potential treatment primarily for liver cancer. On top of learning about the science behind it, I also love learning about the socio-economic and fiscal side of medicine. I recently changed concentrations from HHB to ScB.

Uloma Nwalou: Concentration - Biology AB
Hey everyone! My name is Uloma Nwaolu and I'm a third year pre-med student. I am also a triple and high jumper on the varsity Track and Field team. I just want to mentor and guide students who want to pursue a biology concentration.

Jeffrey Okewunmi: Concentration - Biology ScB (PHBI)
I’m a senior from Houston interested in orthopedics. Some of my favorite biology classes have been exercise physiology (BIOL1160) and vertebrate biology (BIOL1880)

Rebecca Pasquarelli: Concentration - Biology ScB (IMMU)
I'm a first-gen Senior working in the Reenan lab on the genetic suppression of ALS. This Fall I'll be applying to graduate programs with a focus on Immunology/Microbial Pathogenesis.

Joshua Pirl: Concentation - Biology SCB (IMMU)
I'm a senior who loves taking Biology classes, teaching as a TA, and I'm really interested in the subjects of Cancer Biology and Immunology! I want to enter into research after Brown, hopefully applying biology in a medical context.

Keith Radler: Concentration - Biology AB
I'm a senior pre-med interested in physiology and disease as well as English and Classics.


Rachel Sachs: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Health Systems, Structure & Policy)
Hi everyone! I am a senior interested in biotechnology and drug development, especially in the therapeutic areas of oncology and rare disease. I have internship experience in research labs as well as in healthcare consulting, and would love to speak with anyone wondering about HHB-related post-graduation options outside of medical school.

Catherine Seitz: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Women's/Children's Health)
I'm a senior from San Diego, CA working in the Plavicki Lab studying development of the heart and great vessels. I'm premed and a member of Brown's varsity softball team.

Haley Shiff: Concentration - Health & Human Biology (Health Systems, Structure & Policy, with a double concentration in Public Health)
I am a current senior from Northern California interested in the role of health care policy in medical practice. I am premed and specifically interested in the study of aging and geriatric medicine.

Victoria Tran: Concentration - Biology ScB (CEMB)
My name is Tori Tran and I'm a senior from San Diego, CA working in the Barnea lab studying neural circuitry in mice and flies. When I'm not working on my thesis, I'm dancing with Impulse Dance Company and I'm also the Artistic Director of Fusion Dance Company.

Anqi Zhou: Concentration - Applied Math-Biology
I work in the MCB department on incorporating Bayesian statistical methods into analysis of high-throughput gene expression data such as RNA-seq and ChIP-seq.