Biochemistry & Molecular Biology ScB

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology ScB

(20 courses) 

Training in biochemistry begins with a foundation in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Some courses offered in other departments, including engineering, geology and computer science, are also useful. 
A key component of this program is the year of hands-on research carried out in collaboration with a faculty member here at Brown. Faculty sponsors are drawn from both the Chemistry Department and the Division of Biology and Medicine, and include basic science and clinical faculty.

Students are expected to take courses that will count toward the concentration ABC/NC. Students should discuss the S/NC option with their concentration advisor if circumstances warrant special consideration. Students should not register S/NC for a concentration course without advisor pre-approval (mandatory S/NC courses may count toward the concentration).  

For detailed information on the prerequisites and courses refer to the University Bulletin and the Chemistry Undergraduate Handbook.

Concentration advisors are from Departments in the Division of Biology and Medicine and Chemistry and include: A. Salomon (Biology), G. Jogl (Biology), L. Lapierre (Biology), A. Deaconescu (Biology), and K. Mowry (Biology).