Undergraduate Program

The Department of Chemistry offers three distinct concentrations: Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Chemical Physics. 

Our concentrators undertake an academically rigorous course of study which advances knowledge and discovery to prepare students to succeed in a complex and changing world. Research experiences and coursework reflect Brown's intellectual independence: students choose courses and research groups based on their own individual interests and goals. Brown's Open Curriculum allows students to discover advanced—even graduate-level—courses where chemistry meets biology, medicine, physics, nanoscience, and engineering. Working alongside graduate students and faculty, concentrators actively engage in research from the start of their Brown careers.


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Our Concentrations

The Sc.B. degrees in each of these concentrations provide a thorough foundation for further graduate study or for entry-level technical positions in each area.

Sc.B. Chemistry / A.B. Chemistry: Students seeking the Sc.B. may either pursue the standard Chemistry concentration or one of the two optional tracks: Chemical Biology or Materials Chemistry. Students may also pursue the A.B. degree, which provides a core education in the discipline.

Sc.B. Biochemistry: How does life work at the molecular level? This question is at the core of the concentration program in Biochemistry. Offered jointly with MCB.

Sc.B. Chemical Physics: The concentration provides students with a broad-based understanding in fundamental molecular sciences, as well as a background for graduate studies in physical chemistry, chemical physics, or molecular engineering. Offered jointly with Physics.



Undergraduate students at all levels (first-years, sophomores, juniors, seniors) are actively involved in research with the more than 20 faculty members in the department. In addition, our concentrators do research in departments across the university, such as Cell Biology & Biochemistry, Molecular Pharmacology & Biotechnology, and clinical departments within the Alpert Medical School.

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Chemistry DUG

There is a vibrant Chemistry Department Undergraduate Group (ChemDUG) within the department that holds meetings monthly during the academic year and hosts undergraduate-centered events. 

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