The Cancer Research Training and Education Coordination (CRTEC) Working Group at Legorreta Cancer Center (LCC) at Brown University aims to support the next generation of cancer researchers and specialists with a major aim of helping address various cancer health disparities in our communities by supporting and encouraging diverse biomedical programs. 

To accomplish this, the LCC CRTEC Working Group aims to provide rigorous training and educate the next generation of cancer researchers, and in preparing trainees for sustaining careers across disciplines for productive careers as biomedical cancer researchers or health care professionals.

This includes all types of research from basic science research that provides a better understanding of the mechanisms of cancer pathobiology to translational science and early clinical development as well as population science research that identifies cancer health disparities, to advances in clinical care for those diagnosed with cancer.

The LCC at Brown University research programs provide transdisciplinary cancer research training across all career levels, from high school to undergraduate college students, graduate students (MS and Ph.D.), medical students, postdoctoral fellows, residents and fellows, faculty, health care providers in the community, and beyond. 

The LCC CRTEC Working Group coordinates training venues including various seminar series such as scientific seminars, workshops, educational resources, Continuing Medical Education (CME), networking and mentoring activities, and competitive travel funds to trainees to attend national meetings, as well as administering the trainee member program.


The purpose of the working group is to review and catalog the cancer training and education activities as well as the educational outreach programs that might be promising for a future cancer component. This work will inform and contribute to a plan for a Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) CRTEC component.

Current activities

  • The Institutional Research Training Grant (T32)
    • T32 grant provides graduate-level academic institutions with funds for training predoctoral and postdoctoral candidates.
  • The Paul Calabresi Career Development Award for Clinical Oncology (PCACO) K12 
    • The purpose of the K12 grant is to increase the number of clinicians (M.D, D.O., Pharm.D., nurses with Ph.D. or equivalent) trained in clinical and translational cancer research, and to promote their career development as cancer researchers.
  • American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grants (ACS-IRG)
  • Institutional Research Grants are awarded to institutions as block grants, providing seed money for newly independent investigators to initiate cancer research projects. The intent is to support these junior faculty in initiating cancer research projects so they can obtain preliminary results that will enable them to compete successfully for national research grants.

Leadership and group members

Jas Ahluwalia
Sharon Rounds
Tom Bartnikas
Howard Safran
Kate Smith
Beth Harrington
Amanda Jamieson
Anatoly Zhitkovich
Sean Lawler
Tony Mega
Tom Olillia
Jeremy Warner

Ad Hoc: Jake Kurtis
Ad Hoc: Star Hampton

Co-Chair: Patti Dubielecka
Co-Chair: Robert Sobol
Co-Chair: Sendurai Mani

Administration: Shiyoko Cothren

Chair: Wafik El-Deiry


Wafik S. El Deiry, MD, PhD, FACP
Director, Legorreta Cancer Center at Brown University
Associate Dean for Oncologic Sciences
Mencoff Family University Professor of Medical Science
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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