For the purpose of establishing a dedicated cancer tissue bank at Legorreta Cancer Center (LCC) at Brown University, a Working Group has been established to coordinate the collection, processing, storage, annotation, and distribution of cancer patient biospecimens and associated clinical data and interventions, as well as patient and family cancer history and lifestyle factors, under protocols approved by the Institutional Review Board.

Currently, the LCC Cancer Tissue Bank is developing infrastructure and methods to assure optimal conditions for sample processing prior to either quick distribution or long-term storage based on research protocol requirements. The services offered by the LCC Cancer Tissue Bank include assistance with sample pick-up from clinics and facilities across the institution, immediate preservation to ensure specimen quality, and detailed sample tracking in our database to meet the bio-specimen needs of investigators across Brown University, and the affiliated Health Systems Lifespan and Care New England.

Furthermore, the LCC Cancer Tissue Bank will offer a secure, state-of-the-art freezer and cryogenic facility for storing biological samples, as well as a sophisticated, fully customizable system for tracking biospecimens.

In addition, the LCC Cancer Tissue Bank will provide not only experienced service but also guidance regarding best practices in biobanking to ensure sample integrity, longevity, security, and access to facilitate and accelerate research.


The goal of the Cancer Tissue Bank is to provide a secure, centralized biorepository and registry for high-quality, and cost-effective bio-specimen services that will be available for biomedical research by investigators at the Legorreta Cancer Center at Brown University, and the affiliated Health Systems Lifespan and Care New England. To accomplish this, the cancer tissue bank will expedite bidirectional flow from the lab bench to the clinic and facilitate translational research associated with clinical trials and basic research, thereby reducing cancer risk among medically underserved populations.

Working group leaders and members

Benedito Carneiro
Liang Cheng
Patrycja Dubielecka-Szczerba
Sean Lawler
Jonathan Kurtis
Sendurai Mani
John Reagan
Murray Resnick
Howard Safran
Andrew Schumacher
Attila Seyhan
Robert Sobol
C. James Sung
Jeremy Warner
Evgeny Yakirevich
Abbas Abbas
Aaron Maxwell
Sean Monaghan
Gyan Pareek
Matthew Vrees
Thomas Miner
Stephanie Graff
Wafik El-Deiry


Wafik S. El Deiry​, MD, PhD, FACP
Director, Legorreta Cancer Center at Brown University
Associate Dean for Oncologic Sciences
Mencoff Family University Professor of Medical Science
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


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