The Technology Commercialization Working Group was established to improve technology transfer activities of Legorreta Cancer Center (LCC) at Brown University laboratories, translational and clinical research facilities, and shared resource facilities including Drug Discovery, Organoids, Single Cell Technologies, In Vivo Optical Imaging, Organic Synthesis, Tumor Tissue, Translational Oncology, CyTOF, Lentivirus, bulk and single-cell cytokine profiling, and bioinformatics and other LCC-relevant activities and elements.

Technology Commercialization Working Group members are drawn from each of these organizations as well as Brown University Technology Innovations Office works together to guide the commercializing innovations emerging from LCC at Brown University and affiliated laboratories and relevant translational and clinical research activities including shared resource facilities through new venture creation, industry collaborations, and licensing with strategic partners.


The purpose of the Technology Commercialization Working Group is to review the commercialization needs of the LCC at Brown University. The working group may devise a strategy for incorporating current programs into LCC Programs and suggest areas of growth.

Working group leaders and members

Lindsey Carlsen
Shuai Zhao
Kelsey Huntington
Sean Lawler
Attila Seyhan
Andrew Bond
Neil Veloso     
Karen Bulock
Wafik El-Deiry

Administration: Shiyoko Cothren, Sasha Laziuk
Co-Chair: Sendurai Mani
Co-Chair: Rob Sobol


Wafik S. El Deiry​, MD, PhD, FACP
Director, Legorreta Cancer Center at Brown University
Associate Dean for Oncologic Sciences
Mencoff Family University Professor of Medical Science
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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