Dr. M. Ruhul Quddus, has been recognized by the National Cancer Institute for his subject matter expertise and outstanding contribution to reviewing histologies of the Cervix, Endometrium, Fallopian Tube, Myometrium, Ovary, and Vagina. His insightful comments on tumor site-histology combinations provided a wealth of information that is being used to inform cancer surveillance data collection standards.

Cancer PathCHART is a collaboration between the National Cancer Institute, College of American Pathologists, American Joint Commission on Cancer, World Health Organization, and seven other national, North American, and global organizations that is aimed at aligning standards for public health cancer data with medical practice. This initiative is the first of its kind with physician and registrar review of these gold standards for tumor site-histology combinations reported by tumor registrars. While initially focused on implementation for 2024 in North America, Cancer PathCHART standards will be made freely available in accessible formats for implementation by cancer registries and cancer researchers across the globe. Your reviews are critical to our reaching our goals for Cancer PathCHART.