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Perspectives on Policy and Practice: Establishing High-Quality Foreign Language Programs in Elementary Schools

As an increasing number of school districts across the country are making commitments to foreign language education for younger learners, educators and administrators are posing a number of key questions: Should foreign language study be part of the core curriculum? Are these programs suitable for districts that are not well-funded? What does a successful program look like? What kind of scheduling, staffing, and long-term maintenance are involved? How should a school decide which languages to teach?
Will there be lasting results?

The Center for Applied Linguistics has identified seven highly successful programs as models in providing foreign language instruction to elementary and middle school students. Based on the experiences of these and other programs, as well as on recent research, the perspectives paper offers invaluable information for administrators, practitioners, and parents who are considering establishing early foreign language programs in their own communities.

Published 2000 by The Education Alliance at Brown University


Douglas F. Gilzow
Nancy C. Rhodes