Teacher Resources

Online Resources

The Office of Civil Rights has developed extensive guidelines on "Programs for English Language Learners."  This section includes resource materials for planning and self-assessments.

Colorín Colorado's website provides information regarding indentificaiton of ELLs and placing students in programs of instruction. 

Below are some practical examples of home language surveys.

California Department of Education home language survey.

Massachusetts' Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's website provides home language surveys in 28 languages.

 This home language survey example is from the Fairfax County Public Schools. 

Informal Assessment Methods

Readinga-z.com explains running record guidelines and offers other assessment tips and resources.

Story retelling rubrics are used by the Texas Education Agency as part of developmental reading assessment.

The Louisiana Division of the Arts uses another story retelling rubric as a tool to cultivate the oral tradition of folktales.

Sample Procedures for ELL Identification and Assessment

 The Office of Civil Rights provides specific information on the "Identification of Potential ELL Students."

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction presents guidelines for the identification and assessment of English language learners.

Language Proficiency Tests: The following resources include the major tests that are most commonly used in the U.S.

ACCESS for Ells

Ballard & Tighe

Language Assessment Scales (LAS)

MAC II Test of English Language Proficiency

Woodcock-Munoz Language Survey