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    Campus Culture

    Graduate students make up a quarter of Brown’s student population. Learn about our culture, distinctive 
    opportunities, and academic programs. Read about initiatives in doctoral education and support.

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    Master's Education

    Brown offers 32 master's programs, ranging from Data Science to Public Health. Learn about the academic programs

  • Leadership


    Andrew G. Campbell, the 15th dean of the Graduate School: We are deeply committed to the work of broadening participation in higher education and creating a more diverse and inclusive scholarly community. 

  • International Orientation 2018

    International Orientation 2018

    International graduate students complete a two-day orientation featuring sessions on academic life and resources, wellness, intercultural communication, campus tours and more. Over 300 new international graduate students from almost 50 countries begin their studies this fall.

  • Research Matters!

    Research Matters!

    Eleven graduate students explained the importance of their research at the Graduate School’s third Research Matters! event. Topics ranged from preventing arthritis to nostalgic narratives of the South. Read more.

  • Summer Research

    Summer Research

    More than 350 doctoral and master’s students received funding for research and conference travel this summer. Graduate students share images from around the globe: California, Pennsylvania and Tampa to London, France and India. Learn more about Research, International and Conference travel grants.

  • Open Graduate Education

    Open Graduate Education

    Samantha Lash, a PhD student in Archeology, is pursuing a master’s in Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences through the Open Graduate Education program. This unique combination is opening doors and catalyzing connections that may have not been otherwise possible, she says. Read more.

  • Graduate Student of Color Orientation 2018

    Graduate Student of Color Orientation 2018

    President Christina Paxson greets new students at the second annual Graduate Student of Color Orientation. 

  • Orientation 2018

    Orientation 2018

    New graduate students meet at the Resource Fair, where more than 40 Brown offices, associations and groups presented information about services and activities available to doctoral and master's students.

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News and Announcements

Student Research: New, Durable Catalyst for Key Fuel Cell Reaction May Prove Useful in Eco-Friendly Vehicles

A new catalyst, developed by PhD Chemistry student Junrui Li and other researchers at Brown, exceeds Department of Energy targets for performing the oxygen reduction reaction, a key step in generating an electric current in a hydrogen fuel cell. 

One factor holding back the widespread use of eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cells in cars, trucks and other vehicles is the cost of the platinum catalysts that make the cells work. One approach to using less precious platinum is to combine it with other cheaper metals, but those alloy catalysts tend to degrade quickly in fuel cell conditions. Now, Brown University researchers have developed a new alloy catalyst that both reduces platinum use and holds up well in fuel cell testing. Read the full article the full article by Kevin Stacey.

Food Exchange Open

The Food Exchange, a new program this semester, is located in Room 409 of Paige-Robinson Hall (formerly J. Walter Wilson) with an aim to increase access to food for those on campus struggling to get enough to eat on a daily basis. Drop off (if you are able) or pick up (if you are in need) non-perishable, packaged food items, such as rice, canned goods, boxed macaroni and cheese, soup, tuna, etc. The Food Exchange will be self-serve during the building’s open hours and is organized by the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life. Learn more.

MFA Student and Alums Star in Pride and Predjudice

Trinity Rep opens the season with Pride and Prejudice. Current Brown/Trinity MFA student Katie Croyle stars as Lydia and Catherine and Rebecca Gibel '10 MFA and Shelley Fort ’15 MFA takes the roles of Elizabeth Bennet and Jane and Miss De Bourgh respectively. This classic romance between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy is infused with fresh vitality and hilarity in this effervescent new comedic adaptation. It runs October 4 – November 4. More information.

Student Research: Ancient Mars Had Right Conditions for Underground Life

A new study shows evidence that ancient Mars probably had an ample supply of chemical energy for microbes to thrive underground. “We showed, based on basic physics and chemistry calculations, that the ancient Martian subsurface likely had enough dissolved hydrogen to power a global subsurface biosphere,” said Jesse Tarnas, a graduate student in Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences and lead author of a study published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters. “Conditions in this habitable zone would have been similar to places on Earth where underground life exists.” Read more.