• Campus Culture

    Campus Culture

    Graduate students make up a quarter of Brown’s student population. Learn about our culture, distinctive 
    opportunities, and academic programs. Read about initiatives in doctoral education and support.

  • Master's Education

    Master's Education

    Brown offers 32 master's programs, ranging from Data Science to Public Health. Learn about the academic programs

  • Leadership


    Andrew G. Campbell, the 15th dean of the Graduate School: We are deeply committed to the work of broadening participation in higher education and creating a more diverse and inclusive scholarly community. 

  • Research Matters!

    Research Matters!

    Eleven graduate students explained the importance of their research at the Graduate School’s third Research Matters! event. Topics ranged from preventing arthritis to nostalgic narratives of the South. Read more.

  • Summer Research

    Summer Research

    More than 350 doctoral and master’s students received funding for research and conference travel this summer. Graduate students share images from around the globe: California, Pennsylvania and Tampa to London, France and India. Learn more about Research, International and Conference travel grants.

  • Open Graduate Education

    Open Graduate Education

    Samantha Lash, a PhD student in Archeology, is pursuing a master’s in Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences through the Open Graduate Education program. This unique combination is opening doors and catalyzing connections that may have not been otherwise possible, she says. Read more.

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News and Announcements

Highlighting Brown’s Distinction in the Humanities

Humanities scholars at Brown are energizing comparative work that informs a deeper understanding of the most challenging questions of global common concern. Graduate students are intricately involved in the humanities at Brown, with opportunities at the Cogut Institute for the Humanities that include a graduate certificate in collaborative humanities, for which they are the first in the county, and a variety of graduate fellowships. Doctoral students Nechama Juni, Kareem Estefan and Stephen Marsh share their stories of interdisciplinary research. Learn more.

Highlighting Brown’s Distinction in Brain Science

Brown researchers are building understanding of the brain, restoring movement for patients with paralysis, unlocking the secrets of devastating diseases and devising new treatments to address brain-related disorders. Brown brain scientists like Kavin Nuñez — a doctoral candidate researching how brain circuitry impacts alcohol addition — are developing insights that are informing treatments for everything from Alzheimer's and ALS to paralysis and more. Learn more.

Faet Wins Top Poetry Prize

Berta García Faet, a PhD candidate in Hispanic Studies, was recently awarded the Premio de Poesía Joven Miguel Hernández, Spain’s top poetry prize for poets under 31. García Faet received the award for her work “Los salmos fosforitos” (“Flourescent Psalms”). 

“This prize means a lot to me. It connects me to my country, my people, the books and authors I love and that inspire me. I admire all the poets who have won it before me, and I've been dreaming for years now to be part of this story,” says García Faet.