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1) Activate your Brown account

As soon as you receive instructions to activate, or:

  • By June 1 for degree programs that start in September 
  • By May 1 for degree programs that start in June and July
  • By January 1 for degree programs that start in January

Check your personal email for instructions to activate your Brown account with your Brown ID. For issues, see the IT Knowledgebase or contact the Computing and Information Services IT Service Center

After activation, we recommend you:

  1. Add a mobile number to Banner. This allows you to reset your Brown password should you forget it, and also ensures you are notified should an emergency occur at Brown. To do this, log in to and click Personal Information.
  2. Log in to your email. You can simply visit and log in with your Brown email address and the password you chose for Google services.
  3. Setup Two-Step Verification. The first time you log in to a Brown service like Banner, you will be prompted to set up a means of verification, such as a phone number. You can log into MyAccount after setup to add additional devices or phone numbers. Read more about two-step verification at
    Note for international students: International numbers are acceptable and they should be entered with a + in front of the country code. If you don't plan to get a US cell phone once in the country, you can use the smartphone app over wifi or without a connection, print a sheet of bypass codes from MyAccount, or pick up a token from the IT Service Center.