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Graduate Student Digital CV

The Graduate Student Digital CV (GSDCV) enables you to track your achievements as a teacher, mentor, and researcher as well as to contemplate what you want to achieve in your graduate career. We hope that you will use it to guide conversations with your faculty mentors and colleagues from early on in your graduate career. 

The GSDCV was created this to serve students across all of Brown’s academic divisions at every stage of their graduate careers. Because of this, the GSDCV of a first-year student in physics will look different from that of a first-year student in philosophy. These in turn will look much different from the GSDCVs of a third-year in economics or a fifth-year in epidemiology. It is important to talk to your faculty mentors, more senior students in your program, and other professionals around Brown (CareerLAB, Graduate School, etc.) to understand which parts of the GSDCV are most pertinent to your goals. In other words, expect there to be quite a few categories in which you have nothing to list. 

Graduate study is a process of both successes and failures. We encourage you to record all of your conference abstracts (accepted or rejected), all external fellowships for which you applied (successful or not), articles submitted to journals (rejected, accepted, under review, or sent back for edits), etc. All of these efforts, no matter their outcome, are worthy of record and demonstrate your commitment to your development as a scholar. 

Questions should be directed to [email protected].