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Tips for a Brief and Compelling Talk

Your Research Matters! talk should feature your most innovative idea and tell the story of your research project for a non-specialist audience.

  • Think big. Make this your best talk ever.
  • Be you. What makes *you* care about these ideas?
  • Tell a story. Use the power of storytelling: think of specifics and examples rather than abstractions, talk about failures as well as successes.
  • Connect. Make your audience care about your ideas, too.
  • Explain. Strive to capture the complexity of your work in terms that we can all understand.
  • Rehearse. Work in stages: develop your content with a written script that you hone into a strong performance. Be sure to practice in front of friends and peers. Solicit feedback on content, visuals, timing, performance, clarity, and impact.

Nominees will be invited to submit the following by March 18, 2022:

  1. 350 word description of your talk and research project.                                                        
  2. Short video: Give us a sense of you speaking about your innovative idea and research project. Can be as short as one-minute, no more than 3 minutes.              
    • You can use a smartphone or built-in webcam. Video quality is not the priority, as long as you are audible. We just want to get a brief sense of you as a speaker.
    • Send the video to us by one of two ways:
    • Upload video to your Google Drive and share your file with us at [email protected] with Subject Heading: Research Matters Submission
    • Send a link to a Youtube or Vimeo video.   

If you are unable to submit a short video, please contact [email protected].