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Initiatives in Doctoral Education and Student Support

Improved Financial Support for Doctoral Students

New Dental Insurance Support

Began offering no-cost dental insurance for doctoral students with health insurance and stipends (2015-16), regardless of appointment

New Parental Relief Policy

Enables eligible students to select a full semester or summer for parental relief (July 2016)

Enhanced Quality-of-Life Support

  • Completed $2 million construction of graduate student study center in the Rockefeller Library (Fall 2016)
  • Created strategic indicators and measurements in Campus Life reports
  • Increased frequency of Campus Climate Survey for graduate students, making them annual, and tailored surveys for graduate, master’s and MFA students (2013-14)
  • Added opportunities for graduate students to interact with Corporation Campus Life Committee 
  • Funded renovation of Graduate Student Council Lounge (2013)

Improved New Student Preparation and Graduate School Orientation

  • Offered new outreach on Brown’s historical links to slavery (2016)
  • Added Title IX training to Orientation (2015) and Title IX online training course (2017)
  • Expanded International Orientation to two days from one (2014)
  • Added Graduate Student of Color Orientation (2017)
  • Instituted improved online training course to convey and reinforce Brown’s academic and student conduct codes (2011/2017) and made the course mandatory (2012)
  • Created advising and mentoring guidelines  (2010)
  • Began surveying new students, using feedback to improve Orientation (2008)

Opportunities or Programs Created to Foster Research, Teaching, and Professional Development Skills

  • Initiative to Maximize Student Development program expands to include the physical sciences, engineering and mathematics (2017-18)
  • Diversity Fellowships (First cohort: 2017-18)
  • Graduate Community Fellows (First cohort: 2016-17)
  • Deans’ Faculty Fellowships (First cohort: 2015-16)
  • Interdisciplinary Opportunities (First cohort: 2015-16)
  • Effective Performance Workshops (Start date: 2015-16)
  • Global Mobility research travel grants (Start date: 2014-15)
  • Research Matters! showcase of student discoveries (Start date: 2014-15)
  • Graduate Career Options Conference (Start date: 2014-15)
  • Sheridan Center Certificate V: Reflective Mentorship (Start date: 2013-14)
  • Open Graduate Education (First cohort: 2012-13)
  • Brown Executive Scholars Training Program (First cohort: 2011)
  • NSF Responsible Conduct of Research Training (Start date: 2014), originally called Bearcore (Start date: 2010)
  • Academy in Context dinner-seminar series on ethics (Start date: 2005-06)
  • Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellows Program (Start date: 2004; expanded 2014-15)

  • Assistant Provost for Global Engagement (October 2016)
  • Associate Dean of Student Support role created as full-time position (July 2016)
  • Associate Dean of Diversity Initiatives expanded to full-time position (2015-16)
  • Associate Dean of Master’s Education created in 2013-14 and upgraded to full-time position in 2015-16, enabling other deans to better serve doctoral students
  • Associate Dean of Student Development came on board (2014)
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator housed in Graduate School (2014-15)
  • Program Director for International Student Experience (2017)

Expanded ELL Services

  • Two English Language Learning staff members are available, up from one (Fall 2016)

New Doctoral Programs Since 2004

  • Computer Music and Multimedia
  • Ancient History (Classics)
  • Ancient History (History)
  • Health Services Research
  • Biological & Computational Biology
  • Computer Science & Computational Biology
  • Africana Studies
  • Behavioral and Social Heath Sciences

Doctoral Certificates Created 

  • Africana Studies (2016-17)
  • Collaborative Humanities (2016-17)
  • Data Science (2016-17)
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies (2016-17)
  • Latin American and Caribbean Studies (2016-17)
  • Public Humanities (2016-17)
  • Science and Technologies Studies (2016-2017)
  • Spatial Analysis (2016-17) 

Graduate Student Information Management (GSIM) system

  • GSIM tracks standing and progress of current students, funding commitments, and significant student events.