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Past Deans’ Faculty Fellows


Jatan Burch

Department: Physics
Course: Space Invaders: Astroparticle Probes of Dark Matter Physics


Nikole Bonacorsi

Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Course: 500 Million Years of Land Plants

John Krantz

Department: Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
Course: Sustainability and Mineral Resources

Ross Parker

Department:  Applied Math
Course: Applied Dynamical Systems

Ian Russell

Department: Hispanic Studies
Course: Queer Aesthetics and Intimacies en Español

Silvia Stubnova

Department: Egyptology and Assyriology
Course: Life on the Nile: Ancient Egypt Beyond the Pharahos

Virginia Thomas

Department: American Studies
Course: Queering Oral History: Theory and Practice and Building Alternative Archives


Alyssa Anderson

Department: American Studies
Dissertation Title: Violence and the Repertoire: Coming of Age in the Age of Mass Shootings
Course: From Eternal Sunshine to Lieux de Mémoire: Memory and Forgetting in Popular Culture

Claudia Becerra-Mendez

Department: Hispanic Studies
Dissertation Title: Personas, Animales y Objetos: Hacia una Ética de la Relación en la Poesía Latinoamericana de los Sesenta y Setenta
Course: Animals and Poetry: Toward a 20th century Latin American Bestiary

Benjamin Chilson-Parks

Department: Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
Dissertation Title: The Geochemistry of Cenozoic Volcanism in the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone, 34⁰S-38⁰S: Evaluating the Role of Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle in Alkali Magma Petrogenesis
Course: Assembling Rhode Island

Mamikon Gulian

Department: Math
Dissertation Title: Discovering and Solving Fractional Partial Differential Equations: Machine Learning and Monte Carlo Methods
Course: Machine Learning of Differential Equations

Rebecca Haubrich

Department: German Studies
Dissertation Title: Mourning (M)others: Images of a Maternal Education
Course: Mis(s)Education: Feminist Undoings of the German 'Bildungsroman'

Tavid Mulder

Department: Comparative Literature
Dissertation Title: The Peripheral Metropolis: The City, Montage and Modernity
Course: The Torn Halves of Modernism

Brian Stankus

Department: Chemistry
Dissertation Title: Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics: Photochemistry in Real Time
Course: CHEM0330: Equilibrium, Rate, and Structure

Joseph Skitka

Department: Physics
Dissertation Title: Quasilinear Modeling of Planetary Boundary-Layer Turbulence
Course: Introduction to Fluids


Alyce de Carteret

Department: Anthropology
Dissertation Title: The Craft of Housebuilding among the Classic Maya
Course: Ancient Worldviews: The Archaeology of Belief and Ritual

Andrew Dufton

Department: Archaeology & the Ancient World
Dissertation Title: Processing the City: Urban Change and Social Transformation in Roman North Africa (246 BCE- 193 CE)
Course: Worlds divided: Towards an Archaeology of Inequality

Patrick Heck

Department: Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences
Dissertation Title: The Role of Uniqueness Motivation in Self- and Social- Judgement
Course: Social Judgement & Decision Making

Virginia-Eirini Kilikian

Department: Applied Math
Dissertation Title: Developing Mathematical Models of Chemotaxis by Motile Bacteria
Course: Introduction to Scientific Computing

Natalie Lozinski-Veach

Department: Comparative Literature
Dissertation Title: Creaturely Constellations: Animals, Literature, and  Critical Thought after Auschwitz
Course: Species Matters: Animals in Literature, Film, and Theory

Philip Zucker

Department: Physics
Dissertation Title: Novel Probes Topological Orders
Course: Topological Matter 


Natalie Adler

Department: Comparative Literature
Dissertation Title: Beyond the Poetic Principle
Course: Convulsive Beauty: Hysteria in the Arts

Mark Cetilia

Department: Computer Music and Multimedia
Dissertation Title: Schaulust: A Study in Light and Sound
Course: The Art of Sound: Applied Synthesis Techniques

Müge Durusu

Department: Archaeology and the Ancient World
Dissertation Title: Occupy Hattuša: Views from the Borderlands of the Hittite Empire
Course: From Gilgamesh to Hektor: Heroes of the Bronze Age

Rachel Gostenhofer

Department: History
Dissertation Title: The Pursuit of Priority in Enlightenment Paris
Course: Piracy, Patents, and Intellectual Property

Elizabeth Makrides

Department: Applied Mathematics
Dissertation Title: Structure and Stability in Localized Patterns
Course: Quantitative Models of Biological Systems

John McNeill

Department: Economics
Dissertation Title: Essays on Menu Preference: Flexibility and Commitment
Course: Behavioral Economics

Rijuta Mehta

Department: Modern Culture and Media
Dissertation Title: The Anticolonial Snapshot: South Asian Disruptions
Course: Colonial Visions

Martin Willis Monroe

Department: Egyptology and Assyriology
Dissertation Title: Advice from the Stars: The Micro-Zodiac in Seleucid Babylon
Course: Theory and Thought in the Ancient World

Timothy Raben

Department: Physics
Dissertation Title: Regge Scattering and Applications to Strong Coupling Phenomenology
Course: Quantum Technology and Information: How Quantum Mechanics Permeates Society and Paves the Way for the Future

Nathaniel Trask

Department: Applied Mathematics
Dissertation Title: High Order Meshfree Methods for Direct Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Fluid Mechanics
Course: Finite Volume Method for Computational Fluid Dynamics: A Survey