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Distinctive Opportunities

Open Graduate Education

The Open Graduate Education program provides flexibility for select doctoral students to define their academic journey and earn a secondary master's degree of their choosing.


Certificate Programs at the Sheridan Center

Certificate programs at the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning range from reflective teaching to mentoring.



Research Travel Grants

Global Mobility grants and Graduate School travel research funds support graduate student scholarship.



Deans' Faculty Fellowship Program

The Deans' Faculty Fellowship Program enables advanced doctoral students to strengthen their teaching portfolios.




Interdisciplinary Opportunities at Centers and Institutes

Interdisciplinary Opportunities allow advanced doctoral students in the Humanities and Social Sciences to engage in scholarly life at participating Centers and Institutes.  



Advanced Teaching Opportunities

Brown-Wheaton Faculty Fellowships and Brown-Tougaloo Faculty Fellowships provide liberal arts and rural college teaching opportunities for doctoral students.



Brown Executive Scholars Training

The Brown Executive Scholars Training Program prepares advanced master’s students and doctoral candidates for careers in higher education administration.



Effective Performance Workshops

The Effective Performance workshops improve the capacity of students as communicators for research and teaching. This initiative is designed to introduce students to performance values, drawn from improvisational and theatrical techniques.


Research Matters!

Research Matters! is a live event, featuring short talks by graduate students on why their research matters. The brief talks aimed at a general audience showcase exceptional graduate student scholarship and celebrate discoveries and ideas that contribute to the academic excellence at Brown.



Doctoral Certificates

Doctoral certificate programs are open to enrolled PhD students. These programs are designed to extend expertise into interdisciplinary areas and to certify training beyond the home Ph.D. discipline.