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Teaching Fellowships for Advanced Students

Through collaboration with other institutions, the Graduate School offers distinctive teaching fellowship opportunities for advanced students: the Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellows Program and the Brown-Tougaloo Partnership Faculty Fellows Program. 

The Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellows Program is open to applicants who are currently in their third, fourth or fifth year of study, with participation in the next academic year.

The Brown-Tougaloo program is open to fifth- or sixth-year students. 

For both, those who participate in their fifth year of graduate study will use one semester of a fellowship year.

Rising sixth-year applicants (i.e., those applying during their fifth year to participate during their sixth year of study) should signal in the Dissertation Completion Proposal (DCP) that they have applied to a teaching fellowship program.

Please see program details for each below.

Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellows Program
The Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellows Program, a collaborative program between Brown University and Wheaton College, annually offers outstanding advanced graduate students the opportunity to experience faculty life firsthand at a liberal arts college. Fellows teach a course for one semester.

Brown-Tougaloo Partnership Faculty Fellows Program
This program provides a semester-long teaching opportunity at Tougaloo College in Tougaloo, MS.  Fellows teach up to two undergraduate courses (either during the fall or spring semester), engage fully in academic, administrative and intellectual life of faculty, and meet regularly with faculty mentor at Tougaloo College.

Requirements: Teaching experience required, i.e. TA or completion of 1 or more Sheridan Center teaching certifications.  Students from all disciplines are welcome to apply.

Preparation: Obtain DGS approval, identify faculty mentor at Tougaloo College and develop course proposal.

Evaluation: Fellows will be assigned faculty mentor at Tougaloo College and check-in regularly with associate dean, recruiting and professional development of the Graduate School. Student course evaluations will be utilized, as well as feedback from faculty mentors at Tougaloo College.

Cost share by program: Supported equally 3 ways between Brown-Tougaloo Partnership, Graduate School, and Tougaloo College.

Contact person: Marlina Duncan, Assistant Vice President for Academic Diversity/Associate Dean of Diversity Initiatives Graduate School.