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Admitted Students Guide: Bookstore

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Brown University Bookstore
Brown University Box 1878
Providence, RI 02912
(401) 863-3168
(800) 695-2050 (outside Rhode Island)
(401) 863-2233, fax

The Brown Bookstore, on the corner of Thayer and Angell streets, carries virtually everything needed to support the Brown experience, including textbooks (new and used, conventional and electronic, sold or rented), a full line of technology products, including academically discounted computers, iPads, software, peripherals, related supplies as well as an in store authorized Apple and Dell Service, Repair and Consultation Center. With a Bed Bath and Beyond Shop in the Bookstore from mid August to mid September, the Bookstore provides all that is needed for residence hall furnishings.  The Bookstore also offers a broad selection of collegiate and casual wear for all ages, general merchandise and a full line of trade books. Services include year round used book buyback and special book order services.

Students may order course books online through the Brown Bookstore. Go to and you will find a listing of the textbook pricing at the Bookstore as well as all major sources such as Amazon, Cheg, Half etc. and on this site you can order from whoever offers the best price. For information on the Textbook and Course Pack Return Policy visit the website and choose Textbook Buyback.

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