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Admitted Students & Orientation

Orientation - Fall 2023

Orientation will be offered in person, with an option to attend required sessions remotely. Additional details will be forthcoming in over the summer.

  • International Orientation August, 23-25, 2023
  • Student of Color Orientation August 27-28, 2023
  • All-Student Orientation August 29-30, 2023
  • Resource Fair: TBA

New: Guide for Admitted Online Students - 2022

New Student Email Communications
See the email logs for communications to new students. The first several emails will generally be sent to the account you used when applying to Brown, but subsequent emails (after May 1, June 1 or January 1 depending on start date) will be sent to your Brown account.

Also check out:

What to do now

As soon as you receive instructions to activate, or:

  • By June 1 for degree programs that start in September 
  • By May 1 for degree programs that start in June and July
  • By January 1 for degree programs that start in January

Check your personal email for instructions to activate your Brown account with your Brown ID. For issues, see the IT Knowledgebase or contact the Computing and Information Services IT Service Center

After activation, we recommend you:

  1. Add a mobile number to Banner. This allows you to reset your Brown password should you forget it, and also ensures you are notified should an emergency occur at Brown. To do this, log in to and click Personal Information.
  2. Log in to your email. You can simply visit and log in with your Brown email address and the password you chose for Google services.
  3. Setup Two-Step Verification. The first time you log in to a Brown service like Banner, you will be prompted to set up a means of verification, such as a phone number. You can log into MyAccount after setup to add additional devices or phone numbers. Read more about two-step verification at
    Note for international students: International numbers are acceptable and they should be entered with a + in front of the country code. If you don't plan to get a US cell phone once in the country, you can use the smartphone app over wifi or without a connection, print a sheet of bypass codes from MyAccount, or pick up a token from the IT Service Center.

Explore housing optionsGraduate student housing applications through Auxiliary Housing open in March for the following fall. Please also consider signing up for our Incoming Student Housing Webinar hosted by the Graduate Student Council Monday, May 1, 2023 from 11 am - 12:30 pm.

Read more about Brown University Graduate School: Deans and staff, governance, where we are on social media, and the Graduate Student Council.

What to do before you arrive on campus

By July 1 for programs that start in the summer or fall.
By January 2 for programs that start in the spring.

Submit required health related documentation and learn more about your health and wellness while at Brown. 

By July 31, 2022 for programs that begin in the summer and fall
By January 9, 2023 for programs that begin in the spring 2023
Learn about your health insurance coverage while at Brown. Waive coverage if you are currently enrolled in a plan with comparable coverage.

By August 1 (earlier if possible) for programs that start in the summer and fall
By December 4 for programs that start in the spring

Visit the Applicant and Student section on Banner to submit a photo for your Brown Identification Card

By July 1 for Master's program (see exclusions below) that start in the summer and fall
By August 1 for programs for PhD, MFA & BioMedical Master's programs that start in the summer and fall
By December 15 for PhD, MFA & BioMedical Master's programs that start in the spring

PhD, MFA & BioMedical Master's Programs:
Official transcripts for your undergraduate degree, including degree conferral, must be submitted to the Graduate School:

  • ​​Via mail to:
    Graduate School Admissions
    Brown University 
    Box 1867
    Providence, RI 02912

  • Via email from your school's Registrar​'s Office through a​n​ ​electronic​ service to [email protected]

All other master's programs:
Please refer to the email you received from the Master's Study Enrollment Team directly for detailed instructions.

By August 1 for the fall semester
By January 1 for the spring semester
By June 15 for the summer semester

The University Bursar is responsible for handling all billing questions. For information, deadlines, or forms related to tuition, billing, payment plans and refund policies, please visit the Bursar’s website. See especially the student account and billing information and E-Bill and Payment Guide.

By September 7 for programs that start in the summer and fall
By January 25 for programs that start in the spring

Complete the online course on Academic Code & Code of Student Conduct as soon as you receive the links in your Brown email.

Start the I-9 Form process (if you will be receiving a stipend), which can be initiated in Workday. If needed, see instructions for completing the I-9

Checkout the pages on AccommodationsParkingMaps & Directions before you arrive.

What to do after you arrive on campus

As soon as possible after arrival on campus.
Visit the Brown Card Office (check website for hours before going), Page-Robinson Hall, room 511. Learn about Brown ID Card services.

Read additional information for international students.

Deadline: within 3 days of arriving in Providence.
Complete the OISSS New Student Registration Form online with a scan of your passport, immigration documents, and I-94 record.

Deadline: approximately 10 days - two weeks after arrival. 
If you are receiving funding from Brown, apply for a Social Security card; provide your Social Security number to the Payroll office.

By September 1
Complete the forms online through the Workday


  • On the right hand side of the page, select "Workday Access".  Once logged in, check your Workday inbox for required tasks to complete.
  • Staff at the Brown Business Center can also help students review their records and assist with the completion of these forms.

Meet the program leadership, administrators, and your advisor. Consult with your advisor prior to registering for courses.

Fall 2022: September 2 at 4 pm EDT - September 6 at midnight EDT
Spring 2023 for continuing students: November 12-15 at 5 pm 
Spring 2023 for new students: Tuesday, January 24 from 4 pm to 12 am (midnight) (except online MPH)

Register online for courses through CAB ([email protected]).
Check out the Registrar's website for a calendar with important dates and deadlines and registration information.

By August 31 for fall starts
By January 20 for spring starts

Complete the I-9 Form process (if you will be receiving a stipend), which can be initiated in Workday before arriving on campus and completed at the HR Service Center, Page-Robinson Hall, room 213. If needed, see instructions for completing the I-9. Also, see a list of acceptable documents.

Campus Resources

Library and Research Support
The Brown University Library offers a wealth of information for graduate students, from traditional books and journals to original manuscripts and photographs, full-text databases, digital images, data sets, and streaming multimedia. Learn more about the locations, materials, and resources available to the Brown community. Also be sure to set up a meeting with your Subject Librarian.

Professional Development
Learn about the many offices and centers that can help you develop skills to succeed in both the academic and non-academic worlds after Brown.

Whether you pursue a career inside or outside of higher education, developing the necessary skills to communicate your knowledge, ideas and research to others is critical. Learn about the offices and programs available to help develop teaching and communication skills.

Writing Center
Take advantage of this free academic service. The Center is staffed with experienced writers and teachers who offer support to graduate student of varying writing abilities.

Visit the Brown Bookstore for all your supplies and technology needs. The Bookstore offers a full line of electronic products, including iPads, software, peripherals, and related supplies. There also house an in-store authorized Apple and Dell Service, Repair, and Consultation Center, and a broad selection of collegiate and casual clothing. 

Computing & Information Services
The Computing and Information Services IT Service Center offers technical support to members of the Brown community. Learn more about all aspects of network access, computer use, software, printing, and technology training on campus.  

Dining Services
Read about flexible eating plans and the dining facilities on campus. Dining Services offers a variety of options related to students’ tastes, preferences, and hectic lifestyles.

Mail Services
Learn more about mail and package delivery on campus and how your mail should be addressed.

Public Safety (DPS)
Learn more about services offered to students (emergency phones, Safewalk, Campus Watch) and tips for staying safe on campus. Police and Public Safety Officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week in patrol vehicles, on bicycles, and on foot and the Communication Control Center can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Student Accessibility (SAS)
SAS coordinates services and accommodations for students who may need accommodations related to medical, physical and psychological concerns as well as assisting students with Attention Deficit Disorder, learning disabilities, sensory conditions and more. 

Learn how to get around on and off campus with a variety of services offered by the Transportation Office. Brown offers evening and onCall ride programs, weekday campus transport for students with disabilities, a daytime shuttle service, free bus service through RIPTA and more.

Title IX Office
Find out about assistance and services offered by the Title IX office and campus coordinators. 

Find out more about the recreational offerings (club sports, fitness classes, personal training) and the many on-campus facilities available to all students through the recreation fee.

Chaplains & Religious Life
Brown’s Chaplains are a multi-faith team—Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant—who are available to consult with all students. Reach out to them for questions or discussion that can be voiced and explored openly, whether these concerns originate within religious, philosophical, ethical, or spiritual practice.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
CAPS is a good resource to visit if you are experiencing difficulty coping, are faced with making difficult decisions, or managing other emotional or psychological problems. Records are confidential and there is no charge for their services.  

Family Resources
In this section, read about family-related policies, campus and external resources for families and children.

Student Activities
Learn about the nearly 500 recognized student groups, including a number of graduate student specific organizations, which are supported by the Student Activities Office.

Beyond the Gates: An introduction to Rhode Island, Providence and beyond. Learn what’s nearby (banks, shopping, food), where else you can visit in the state, and how to get there.